Man Filmed Triangle UFO Moving on the Moon

Man Filmed Triangle UFO Moving on the Moon Moon Axis is Shifted: Bad News or Good News Clapway

A recent photo taken by a Texas man allegedly shows a triangular UFO moving on the moon. While at first glance, the grainy image is hard to make out, researchers at Secureteam have helped bring to light fascinating news surrounding the discovery.


While casually video imaging the moon one day, Steve caught a mysterious craft above the lunar surface. What looks like a black spec at first transforms into an unnatural, black, triangle-shaped ship. Zooming in even further, it’s quite obvious that the object is in fact moving. Another theory suggests that the triangular UFO is not a single flying object but a formation of sorts. This is common among military jets on Earth, which only further enhances this moon mystery.

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As with any wild UFO claim, it’s important to check up on the sources. In the past, there have been many reports from uninformed, uneducated people simply releasing fake videos for attention. Unfortunately, this has ruined the credibility of  similar reports from esteemed researchers. The source for this particular moon video comes from a man who’s a director at the large corporate jet fleet in Texas. He holds various pilot certifications and has an established career in the aerospace industry. Does that make this UFO moon sighting a reality? It doesn’t but it helps to know that an informed man is behind the evidence.


As astounding as this lunar footage is, it’s hardly the first time reports like this have been released. Sightings dating back to the original Apollo missions have striking similarities to the one seen here. What exactly is going on up there, is anyone’s guess but the video proof seems to be there. Adding to the mystery even fruiter is the ISS. The ISS continue to be a great source for strange UFO sightings and the most recent one is no different. On June 4th, 2016, the ISS has captured what seems to be a formation of flying objects travelling just above the Earth’s atmosphere. They fail to enter the atmosphere but some activity certainly seems to be going on there. Surely, further reports will be on the way.