NASA Detected Aliens Traveling Through Black Holes

NASA Detected Aliens Traveling Through Black Holes Clapway

Black holes are sci-fi wonders that are often seen as dangerous in TV and movies. Real holes in space do exist, but you don’t really hear much about them. However, recent news of two merging black holes some 1.3 billion light years from Earth caught the interest of NASA. The event happened on September 14, when LIGO’s merging black holes lasted 200 milliseconds, passing through the Earth at the speed of light. The U.S. space agency failed to catch this event via telescope. However, one of NASA’s projects did catch the event using gamma rays. Did they see any aliens?

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Merging Black Holes

The NASA report of two black holes 30 times the size of the Earth’s sun merged together after colliding into one another. This sent ripple waves throughout the fabric of space. This event was one of Albert Einstein’s oldest space theories. And it is one event the space agency has never captured or detected before. NASA expected that the two merging black holes would not be captured via telescope. An event of this space nature does not cause any light disruption. However, the NASA Fermi satellite did detect the two merging black holes via gamma ray data.

The NASA Fermi Satellite

The NASA Fermi satellite detected gamma rays from the black hole event using the 14 crystals detectors aboard the satellite. The merge was detected by a system called the Gamma Ray Burst Detection Monitor instrument. Its data showed that there was only a 0.2 percent chance of a false positive of the event’s detection as well. The space agency celebrated their triumph of catching and proving an Einstein theory. But there are many critics of the NASA data. The ESA did not detect the merging black holes, as it should have, bringing the data into question by many naysayers.

Aliens Played a Role in NASA’s Detection

Could it be possible that aliens traveling through each black hole allowed NASA to capture its existence? NASA and aliens may be working together, rather than butting space heads as previously theorized by UFOlogists and believers around the world. Aliens may have given them the tech they needed to record such an event that aliens may have even caused themselves. The two black holes spiral toward one another prior to merging. And aliens ripping through each black hole simultaneously could have created this tail-spinning spiral. Does NASA have a deal with aliens?