iPhone Telescope: 5 Things that Make Apple Fans Happy

iPhone Telescope: 5 Things that Make Apple Fans Happy Clapway

Are you an at home astronomer that wants to combine your iPhone with new telescope tech? The Tiny 1 by TinyMos can do that. The Tiny 1 is the world’s smallest astronomy camera that is also iPhone and social media friendly. It is made to be smart, smart, and sociable with inspiration for its design coming from real life necessity. Sounds like any Apple product on the market. Now you don’t need to be a pro with high-end astronomer gear to enjoy the cool space stuff above you. The Tiny 1 telescope camera is bringing the galaxy to Apple iPhone fans everywhere.

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Lighter and More Compact, Just Like Your iPhone

The traditional astrophotography telescope gear takes up a whole lot of space. This makes the Tiny 1 so perfect. It is a compact astrophotography setup that is more portable and weighs less too. Traditional gear can weigh up to 10 kilograms, but the Tiny 1 weighs in at a mere 700 grams.

Apple Fans Crave Easy Setup and Use

For those who are not as serious about capturing space as others, the Tiny 1 telescope is easier to setup and use. Less complex gear and software makes for a more enjoyable experience. The Tiny 1 has four simple components that you need to worry about. It is also a whole lot cheaper than the bulky pro gear. For $500, you can get nearly the same image experience that you normally would for $1,500 to $5,000.

Unified Smartphone and Camera Control

The Tiny 1 telescope offers big features for smartphone and camera control. It is equipped with top of the line technology and instant photo processing. The Tiny 1 is also compatible with your iPhone and any camera currently on the market. This is making Apple fans happy. It has even drawn a positive review from ex-NASA scientist Dr. Bidushi Bhattacharya, saying it is like a tiny handheld Hubble.

Get the Tiny 1 iPhone App

The Tiny 1 is compatible with any iPhone, or smartphone, making Apple fans reach for the stars. You can connect via social media and share your photos instantly as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. You can also control your Tiny 1 camera via the app and reduce those footage shakes of excitement.

Interactive Star Map Telescope

The Tiny 1 is more than just a camera for you at home astrology buffs. It is also equipped with an interactive star map that allows users to find their favorites and capture them with ease. It also boasts a search function with real-time guiding. Features and easy use are what Apple fans crave, making the Tiny 1 an excellent compliment for any iPhone user.