NASA Has Proof of Alien Base Formation on Moon

NASA Has Proof of Alien Base Formation on Moon Clapway

Rumors regarding alien bases on the moon are nothing new. Despite claims from astronauts, scientists, and military personnel alike, little evidence o is available to support them. Now, NASA photo techs are coming forward and admitting to the use of editing techniques to cover up alleged lunar secrets.


A photo of an Apollo craft hovering high above the moon’s surface has garnered some attention as of late. The black and white photo appears normal at first but taking a close zoom in on the moon will show what looks to be a series of lights. Upon further examination, the lights seem to be similar to an artificial construct of sorts. Theories range from a lunar alien base to a NASA satellite dish array. Images like this would usually be swept aside as mere conspiracy but considering NASA’s dirty history, one can’t be too certain.

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Judging by this picture, it looks like an organized set of structures, with a reflective surface seem to be aligned on the surface of the moon. Perhaps even created by an intelligent race of sorts, either alien or human. Skeptics will argue that these images look grainy and washed out, which is true. NASA has a dark past of editing and washing out images to the point of eliminating any detail. Even dedicated alien researchers who have spent years looking at the surface of the moon find these hard to detect. It’s only upon bringing the images back to the original form that one can see the suspicion.


According to a statement from a man who claims to be a NASA and NSA consultant alien beings are hiding underneath the lunar surface. Not only are aliens there, but they are on Earth throughout our entire solar system. Dr. Eric Norton has worked for over 10 years in the government  and says they are actively keeping humanity in the dark about this. Perhaps, Dr. Norton is the result of the CIA failed LSD experiments but there’s also the chance that he is right. What if aliens have always existed? What if God isn’t real? What if we are all just simulations in a Matrix-like dominion? Well, if that’s the case, at least they were kind enough to simulate beer.