Aliens Use Asteroids Instead of Spacecraft; NASA Jealous 

Aliens Use Asteroids Instead of Spacecraft; NASA Jealous  Clapway

We’ve heard of autonomous cars, autonomous fast-food employees and autonomous weapons but what about autonomous asteroids? Aliens have them and NASA wants them.


For all we know, aliens exist and they have been using asteroids as spacecraft for billions of years. The idea sounds a bit ludicrous but even NASA likes it. Not to say the agency has had it’s fair share of weird ideas, but they are looking to take this one serious. Thanks to off-Earth mining, one California-based company received funding from NASA to prove how asteroids can be turned into a massive, self-driving spaceship. Apparently, the idea of flying through space on a rocket has become a tad archaic.


Aptly names Reconstituting Asteroids into Mechanical Automata (RAMA), the project works towards the goal of colonizing space through efficient means. Yes, even in space we’re trying to go green. Autonomous asteroids will be economical mining stations that fly around space providing resources in our solar system. NASA says this plan will create new trends in living off the land and additive manufacturing. It might seem like an impossible task, but NASA says it’s just a matter of a simple robotic process.


If Earth wants’s to stop being the laughing stock of the galaxy, they need to show aliens that they can compete. Self-driving asteroids may just be the way to do it. The plan starts by sending out a small craft to meet up with nearby asteroids. While there, it will harvest parts of the rock and use them to build essential spacecraft systems with help from 3D printing. Once transformed into a robotic spaceship, aliens will look on in amazement as these asteroids are made to fly to mining outposts in the Earth-moon area. Earth will now demand the respect of the aliens, opening up our markets to intergalactic goods. Soon, Mars bars, Pluto Pops, Saturn Satin and stuff from Uranus will be available at Earth stores everywhere. It would be wise to start buying up alien stock now while it’s cheap. You heard it here first.