NASA Astronauts Disclose Who Built Bases on the Moon

NASA Astronauts Disclose Who Built Bases on the Moon Clapway

Mysterious tales regarding strange moon bases have been floating around for some time but until now, no credible sources of information have come forward. NASA astronauts are beginning to disclose some more details of these alleged alien buildings and how they came to be.


Be it romance, art or science, the moon never seems to fail at igniting inspiration in the human soul. The bright beacon of gray rock hovering in the sky is the source of endless dreams for millions out there, but behind this beauty, the moon has a dark side. Well, technically, it’s called the far side of the moon (sorry Pink Floyd). and it is engulfed in mystery. At first, astronauts believed the far side of the moon was no different that light side. However, after a few more visits and clearer photographs, curiosity was triggered. Whether this has any relation to lunar missions ending in 1972 is uncertain. NASA astronauts may provide some clues, however.


Famed NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin reportedly saw a number of UFO’s during their career. Despite their massive fame, NASA has not acknowledged these claims. Neil and Buzz are not alone in their thoughts, though. In 1979, Maurice Chatelain, former chief of NASA communications came forth and confirmed that these UFO sightings were indeed reported to mission control. According to him, this evidence was well documented but for reasons unknown, they haven’t been discussed. Perhaps conspiracy is to blame.


Knowledge of lunar aliens is not just limited to mission control and astronauts. A Naval intelligence offer, Milton Cooper was an advocate for spreading information about the government’s alien secrets. He claimed that alien bases existed and there’s video proof. He described a large mining operation using complex and advanced machinery. Additionally, Cooper claims the U.S government had been in cahoots with aliens for decades. Sadly, we don’t know if Cooper’s claims were true.  He was mysteriously shot by law enforcement officers on November 6th, 2001. As with any conspiracy theory, it’s best not to jump to conclusions. That being said, it seems silence is doing more harm than good for the government.