Top 5 Clues Your Relationship Is Making You Unhappy

Top 5 Clues Your Relationship Is Making You Unhappy Clapway

With all that we see and hear on a daily basis, there is no need for a survey to tell us that at least six out of ten people are unhappy about their relationship. But, actually, a study by does confirm that six out of 10 couples are leading an unhappy relationship. Yet, people stick on because they fear loneliness. After all, breaking up isn’t the easiest thing to do after being closely bonded to someone.

Here is a relationship roundup where 62 experts share their insights on the top relationship issues that couples face. If you are dealing with one or more of these issues, then it makes sense to figure out if your relationship is giving you more happiness or sadness.

Take a look at the 5 early signs to determine if your relationship is making you unhappy.

You hate to spend time with your partner

If your relationship has reached a stage where you prefer spending more time with friends than your partner, then you must take it as early signs that you are losing interest in your relationship. A good relationship is one in which the couple wants to spend more time together – chatting, outing, playing, and having intimate moments. So, depending on how things are panning out for you, it’s easy to get a hint of whether you are really happy in a relationship or not.

Your relationship feels more unsatisfying

If you have reached a point where you’re unable to connect with your partner’s feelings and actions, then you could feel dissatisfied about your relationship. A healthy relationship is something where the couple is motivated, energetic, and overjoyed to stay in the company of each other. Maybe factors like different ambitions and varied opinions on family matters might lead to unhappiness in a relationship.

You are not sexually attracted to your partner anymore

It’s very obvious that as you grow older, you might not have sex as frequently as you did in the first few years of your marriage. However, losing the desire to have sex is a big warning that you have started to lose interest in your relationship. True love is something that involves emotional and physical connection – so yes, sex is an important indication of the happiness of your relationship. If you’re not feeling sexually attracted, then you need to sit down and figure out what the reason could be.

You don’t enjoy your time with your partner

Remember the multiple surprises you would throw on your wife on her birthday, your wedding anniversary, and your first meeting date? The jewelry, dress and watches you used to present to your wife. Do you celebrate the important occasions and dates the same way today? If you said no, then chances are that your relationship is clearly going downhill. This is something you need to think about.

You are not getting enough oxygen in your relationship

Is your relationship typing you down and giving you more unpleasant moments? Is your relationship stopping you from focusing on your goals? Is your wife not supportive during stressful times? Well, if that’s the case then you seriously need to think about whether you should go on or not. A healthy relationship is one in which you learn the true value of life and a surplus dose of motivation and positivity. If that’s not how it is, then it’s probably time to pull the plug or sit down with your wife and discuss the possibilities of making things better and leading a happy life. Either way, it’s your call!