Youtube Doesn’t Give a S**t About Poor Kids in Africa

Youtube Doesn’t Give a S**t About Poor Kids in Africa Clapway

Taking the “ignorance is bliss” approach to Africa is certainly one way to go about it but one YouTube video is taking it to the next level by shoving the spoils of wealth into the faces of poor people everywhere.


Kids in Africa hardly know what a good meal is, nevermind a Kinder Surprise Egg. To be fair, most Americans don’t know what a Kinder Surprise Egg is either but they have cheese in a can so it kind of evens out. That’s not the point here, though. The point of this YouTube video is wealth, and how unevenly distributed it all is. YouTube goes far beyond three, cute, privileged kids enjoying a tasty Kinder Surprise Egg. Apparently, that is not enough. Instead, they put three oversized, Kinder Surprise eggs for the kids to smash and dance around in glee. Meanwhile, some kid in Africa is wondering why their parents are dead.


At first glance, this YouTube video may seem innocent enough. Three cute girls getting excited over a mountain of candy seems harmless however, it’s just another example of why the world is doomed. It’s unlikely these children know where the chocolate came from, what kind of damage it’s doing to the environment and how fortunate they are to literally have enough candy for a lifetime when millions in Africa would just like a clean glass of water.

All these kids know in this YouTube video is unlimited happiness on demand. Perhaps they will take the spoils of their situation and distribute them evenly amongst the proletariat but that seems rather unlikely. What’s more plausible is these children will grow up thinking money just comes from giant, chocolate eggs that they can smash and suddenly take a nose dive into infinite wealth like Scrooge McDuck.


That’s what this video should be called. Why do we need eleven and a half minutes to watch these spoiled girls give in to gluttony? It’s more than enough time to think about how Africa continues to collapse into poverty while the rich get richer and more sparse. Why torture us like this? If there is a hell, this must be what it’s like. Unfortunately, these eleven and half minutes of hell will not be enough to change the situation here on Earth. Children will continue to crack open chocolate eggs without a second thought while the rest of the world dies a painful, tragic death. Glad we could end on a positive note there.