Youtube Teaches How to Upgrade Xbox One to Xbox One S

Youtube Teaches How to Upgrade Xbox One to Xbox One S clapway

With Microsoft announcing Xbox One S at E3 2016, every fan of the system will be looking to upgrade. Usually, that takes a few hundred dollars to accomplish however one YouTube video shows an easier (and cheaper) way.


When it comes to technology, it’s important to keep up to date with the latest upgrades and developments. Sometimes that can be a chore but in the case of upgrading a Xbox, all it takes is a few minutes. While this YouTube video shows how to upgrade from the 360 to the Xbox One, the same logic may be applicable. Ever since Microsoft started manufacturing the “One” they figured that it would be easier to put the same chipset and hardware into the 360 and the One then make separate ones in smaller quantities. Because of that, the Xbox One has the same hardware as the 360, it’s just hidden and dumbed down a bit. For those that have a 360, all it takes is a certain developer code to upgrade that 360 into the latest system.


Thankfully, this YouTube video gives the appropriate warnings to those DIY upgraders out there. When doing this upgrade, all the content on the hard drive will be deleted because the new OS will be installed on the 360. That’s why it’s important to backup all your information before going through with tech upgrade. Additionally, the newer systems are not backward compatible, so when upgrading your 360, you should understand that playing 360 games will no longer be possible. Now that you’ve been thoroughly warned, just follow the YouTube video to upgrade your new Microsoft gaming system.


Now that YouTube has shown know how to go from 360 to One, perhaps it will be possible to do so with the newly announced One S. Before making any brash decisions, though, it might help to know how the newest system differs. According to Microsoft, they have removed 40 percent of body mass from the Xbox One S making it half the size of its predecessor. Apart from aesthetic design, the One is 4K capable. It can stream 4K Ultra HD content from Netflix, Amazon Video and others. It also supports HDR 4K content meaning videos will look sharper and more dynamic. In layman’s terms, everything will look better. Hopefully, the upgrade to the new One S is as easy as before because it’s shaping up to be a fine system.