Aliens Secretly Help NASA Create Microwave Engine

Aliens Secretly Help NASA Create Microwave Engine Clapway

NASA has confirmed that it’s controversial propulsion technology, EmDrive, is going through peer review process. The “microwave engine” is a revolutionary design but many think, it’s just a bit too advanced. Claims of aliens helping the agency with technology have been around for decades. This might be further proof.


NASA’s Eagleworks Lab was once thought to be dead yet it’s anything but. NASA will continue down the path of bringing their microwave engine through a peer review process. This indicates that researchers are confident of having positive results to reveal. The microwave engine known as the EmDrive is the product of British Scientist Roger Shawyer. In 1999, Shawyer based his project on the theory of special relativity. By converting electricity into a microwave and firing them in a closed-shaped cavity, he was able to generate thrust. The theory has come under attack by critics because it goes against the law of conservation of momentum.


While on theory suggests Shawyer has just “out scienced” his colleagues, others have a different explanation: aliens. For years, UFO hunters have suggested that aliens have been helping NASA and other organizations advance their technology. Take the moon landing for example. According to conspiracies, NASA advanced their rocket technology at an impossible rate in order to beat Russia to the moon. This could not have been done without some advanced information. Sure, it could have been the work of Earth’s top scientists but maybe aliens have been helping us out all along.


The last update anyone heard of the microwave engine was in November2015. For something so groundbreaking, it’s curious as to why the agency has been so quiet about it. According to them, they have been quiet because they’ve been hard at work. Hard at work with whom exactly? Aliens? Not to jump to conclusions here, but that seems suspicious.  It could be said that this secrecy keeps competition out. However, it’s much more fun to go the science fiction route. Alien allies are trying to help us explore space so we can reach a new level of enlightenment unlike we’ve ever seen on Earth. Now that’s a theory we can all get behind.