Top 5 Most Rated iTunes Songs

Top 5 Most Rated iTunes Songs Clapway

There are plenty of iTunes songs out there to choose from. In fact, iTunes has more than 26 million songs available for purchase and download. That is millions more than the number of people making up the population of Australia. Pretty crazy. And not all iTunes songs are created equal. Some are good and some bad. Some are extremely popular while others simply don’t compare. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular iTunes songs available in more than 110 countries.

Perfect Two, Perfect for Your iTunes Chill Playlist

Perfect Two is a catchy little summer song that puts love and romance into a simple box that will get tossed around in your head for hours. It was written by Written by Auburn, Jonathan Keyes and J.R Rotem. It has reached nearly 100 million views on YouTube, and it is perfect for any playlist you are making for your significant other.


At number four, Korean boy band SMTOWN puts their dancing boy bandish singing skills to the iTunes test. Their single EXO Growl is a poppy song with all the great Backstreet Boys, Justin Bieber stuff any tween could ever want. It even has quite the YouTube following with more than 100 million views.

Radioactive Imagine Dragons Cover

The classic styling’s of Lindsey Sterling extends to this Imagine Dragons cover of Radioactive. This collaboration by Sterling and Pentatonix has gained nearly 150 million views on YouTube with a wealth of iTunes downloads as well. Not a bad song, but could better, like with more cowbell and violin.

The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?) by Ylvis

This catchy little iTunes favorite has exploded on most social media platforms once released in 2013. It is fun, electronic, ridiculous, and too catchy. It will literally be implanted into your brain for up to two days. There should be a warning prior to purchase. YouTube viewers have hallmarked this bizarre, fun song at more than 600 million.

Bed Intruder Song

Saving the best, and most insanely bizarre for last, the Bed Intruder Song is an iTunes fan favorite. It was also a YouTube hit as well with nearly 150 million views. It is a fun spin on a news story from the hood. The Bed Intruder Song by The Gregory Brothers is a must have. They be raping everybody out here, so hide your kids, your wife, and your husband, from this song.