Man Filmed Triangular UFO Almost Crashing into a Plane

Man Filmed Triangular UFO Almost Crashing into a Plane Clapway

The famous triangular UFO has been spotted once again. This time, nearly crashing into a commercial plane in Scarborough, Ontario. 56-year-old citizen Paul Shishis was lucky enough to capture over 50 pictures and some video of the strange object.


A stunning video of the famed ‘pyramid-shaped’ UFO was taken above the Canadian skies on Wednesday. In the video, the UFO appears to be flying dangerously close to commercial planes. An Ontario resident was lucky enough to get over 50 images of the event. These then attracted the attention of alien-hunters SecureTeam 10. They have since posted the footage online in order to help solve the mystery. Responses range from the skeptical to the promising but according to the videographer, this is undeniable evidence.


According to Paul Shishis, he was on an afternoon lunch break when he noticed something strange near the passenger jets. The craft was flying at about 1,000 feet, Shishi estimated. The sighting lasted five minutes and it resembled the pyramid shape that many others in the past have reported. The video has attracted more than 18,000 viewers in 24 hours. Various YouTube users chimed in saying they too have seen the pyramid object. Still, nothing factual has surfaced yet.


Pyramid shaped objects like the one are seen all over the world. Despite repeated sightings, no one is really certain where they come from. Many alien hunters believe these objects are possible holograms or objects associated with secret military projects. Others think they belong to intelligent beings that transport in and our of our dimension. Whatever they are, reports are even seen in space. Extraterrestrial hunters claim to have found similar objects in NASA images of Mars. The mystery surrounding these odd ships continues to create controversy. One can only hope we all get an answer soon enough. One thing is for certain, though. If aliens are going to be flying in our skies, they should watch where they’re going. That one came a little too close to a passenger plane. Try explaining that one to the world.