Tesla Saved Thousands of People from Death

Tesla Saved Thousands of People from Death Clapway

According to a new study, a changing climate will put thousands of New Yorkers at risk of heat death. If steps aren’t taken to adapt our civilization to warming temperatures and reduce emissions, this will become a harsh reality. Who knows how many lives Tesla has already saved with their enormous impact.


The study coming out of Columbia University was published this week in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. Hopefully, these reports paired with Obama’s continuing efforts to tackle climate change issues will kick start the country into “going Tesla”. As temperatures continue to rise, strokes and heart disease become more common. Breathing ailments, especially in large cities like New York, are getting worse and the solution isn’t necessarily an easy one to solve. Demographics in a place like New York change over time. This make’s it hard to pinpoint the problem. It’s not like everyone can just buy a Tesla and the issue would disappear. Although, that might help.


Fossil fuel combustion has an adverse effect on health in children. Usually, we think about how climate change will impact adults but with this new study, we are realizing that it’s children who are the most vulnerable. Sources of carbon dioxide like cars and powerplant produce harmful products. With the combination of rising temps and environmental pollution, the effects on children will be devasting. Additionally, these effects will even be felt inside the womb. Dangers from fossil fuels can lead to premature birth and developmental problems that might take years to even show up.


While this study has certainly shed light on how serious the issue of climate change is, nothing will change unless we act now. Sure, electric cars may help address the issue of clean energy but they can not do it alone. We need to address air pollution and climate change immediately if we care for the future of civilization. Equally important, it will help health outcomes and boost the economy all around. The U.S EPA estimates that the value of avoided deaths due to air pollution restrictions would be over $2 trillion. One would be a fool to turn down that money. Hopefully, it’s these profits that will finally attract the attention of politicians because the lives of citizens don’t seem to.