How to Make Outstanding Social Media Post?

How to Make Outstanding Social Media Post? Clapway

We all know how social media is important to any business nowadays. But, with so much going on those networks, how can you make your products and services stand out from the crowd? By writing outstanding social media posts.

The posts are the face of a social media marketing strategy, the element that will try to summarise everything that you want to say to your target audience. It is also the way to grab the attention of their customers online, to increase awareness about your brand.

If you achieve these goals, your conversions will naturally rise, and you will be able to make much more money than before.

And here is how you do it.

Provide useful and valuable information

It should be pretty basic, but it is one of the most common mistakes made by people trying to write social media posts, unfortunately.

They create and publish what they think that is a great post, but it doesn’t get liked or shared.

And why is that?

It is because what they see as perfect not necessarily is what their target audience consider as useful and valuable.

The truth is that nobody has too much time to be on social media nowadays and that the competition is fierce. So you need to make sure that what you are posting is something that they believe that is worth their time.

And here is crucial that you understand that it is their opinion that matter, not yours.

So make sure that you know your target audience very well, what they would like to read or watch online, and then deliver exactly what they are looking for.

Be conversational

People use social media because they want to be social. Another obvious statement, I know. But what you need to understand about it is that you aren’t there to prove a point, but to engage in conversations.

In other words, your social media posts should sound like an invitation for a chat as often as possible.

Ask questions, tell a story, share things in the same way that you would do to a friend. Of course, depending on your industry, you might need to do in a formal way. But you still can do it so to ensure that your target audience will engage with your posts.

Make it easy to read

Most social media networks aren’t great for formatting; we know that. On Facebook, you can’t even use bold or italic. So you will need to take advantage of any possible resources available and make your posts very easy to read.

Always have in mind that people are just scrolling down on their networks in the first place. And when something grabs their attention, then they decide to stop and read it.

And one of the ways to ensure that they will decide to check your post is by improving your writing and your post’s readiness by following these tips below:

  • Write it short: short sentences, short paragraphs, and just a few lines of text – leave the long texts for personal matters.
  • Use capital letters: doing be afraid to capitalise one word or two so to emphasise what you want to say. Just don’t overdo it, or it will seem like you are shouting.
  • Add hashtags: hashtags are great resources not only to optimise the searching for your post but also to add value to it, as they can summarise ideas and topics.

Add great visual resources

And talking about grabbing people’s attention, you need to dedicate special attention to your visual resources.

Most of the time, what people see first is the image or the video that you have added along with your text, not the other way around.  So they play an essential role in your quest for an outstanding social media post.

This way, make sure that your visual resources are:

  • Meaningful: that they are 100% related to your message
  • High-quality: because if you don’t take care of the quality of your post, what to say about the quality of your products or services…
  • Related to your target audience: in a way that they feel represented on it.
  • Original: as few stock images as possible, giving preference to photos of own business, from facilities to your team.

Be funny

Many digital marketers are afraid of doing it because they think that doing business has nothing to do with being funny. But they couldn’t be more wrong.

You are on social media, which allows you to transport yourself to a more relaxed place. Plus, your target audience is on social media probably looking for a distraction, not a lecture.

And, above all, being funny has nothing to do with being disrespectful or not taking your job seriously.

Plus, you don’t even need to make jokes. Just add some humour to your texts, so to make sure that you will put a smile on your audience’s face – you have no idea how it will make them remember your brand forever and increase your conversions as a consequence.

The bottom line

Creating an outstanding social media post is all about making something that your audience really want to read.

So make sure that you have them in mind in the first place and prepare something easy and fun to read, valuable, engaging, and conversational.

You can’t go wrong like this.