Top 5 Social Networking Sites to Consider when Shopping Online

Top 5 Social Networking Sites to consider when shopping Online Clapway

Whether we admit it or not but our generation has it so much easier, we ought to just look into the variety of things from the comfort of our bedrooms and having them delivered to our doorsteps. Online shopping has become an essential to our lifestyle; especially now that you don’t even need to change out of your PJ’s, to have this season’s most wanted branded handbag.
All your hearts desires are just a few clicks away. There are the uncountable numbers of websites out there; which are devoted to tending to your everyday needs. These sites are working tirelessly to provide you with the best of products and service which contributes in making consumers life simpler.

The best thing about the online shopping is that you don’t have to worry about a sale associate always hovering over your head, or feel awkward while you look into any particular product multiple time. There are tons of products and services available, to get your hand on and many of them your never thought, would be so easy to acquire. We have to give social media websites big credit for it; they have become a vital component to making an online shopping a fruitful experience.

Social media websites were initially considered to have a single out use as a mean of communication and interaction, but now social media websites have become sort of lifeline to the marketing world. In recent times, these websites have become an excellent platform to promote any start up business. So, if you are planning on an online shopping spree, you should look into these social media sites, and we are telling you exactly why.


Facebook is no longer only about looking for your old high school mate. Many start-up businesses have benefited from the opportunity of creating their business related pages. Facebook also makes a recommendation for pages you might like; based on your recent interests. For example, I happened to be a huge movie geek and on thebasis of my liking certain pages; I have managed to stumble upon a websitethatoffersa number of films related merchandise; from 007 suits to batman jackets, all of these are readily available and just click away from making my collection perfect.


Initially started out as just a photo-sharing platform, Instagram has come way to far from that. It is one the most loved social media platform by celebrities. It is because Instagram is quick and precise; you have instant tutorials and aesthetics all at one place. Beauty gurus who only started out as beginners are now launching their own products. You can discover some good health and beauty products with reasonable prices; I foundBuddha’s Herbs on Instagram and instantly fall in love with their herbal tea.


Pinterest is an internet equivalent of having a scrapbook; you can gather everything you love in one place. No one would have found out about the gem like Etsy if it were not for the Pinterest. The extensive collection of one of a kindjewellery and accessories would have remained unnoticed.


You want an unbiased opinion on any product or services; you should look at Yelp. It happens to all of us to become conflicted with the idea of investing in something unknown. Yelp offers countless reviews of users who are familiar with certain products or services; this makes a choice easy for you. So next time you cannot make up your mind on purchasing a hover board, you should definitely look into Yelp reviews.


You know you would have never found out about Kylie Jenner Lip kit if it were not this microblogging site. These concise tweets have taken upon itself to make every latest trend known to you. You know where to click if you want your gear to be similar to your favourite celebrities.

Make sure that you know that you are making a purchase from a legitimate franchise,as there are always two sides to everything.While online shopping spree can be fun and time-saving; there are also plenty of outlets out there who are crummy and deals in inferior quality don’t let them cheat you just so you save up a couple of bucks and lose it anyway. Don’t let the best therapy ever, become a sour experience for you.