Google News Makes Apple News and Newsstand Obsolete

fake news Google News Makes Apple News and Newsstand Obsolete Clapway

Newspapers may be dead, but news is still very much alive. News is alive and well online, and it seems like every Silicon Valley tech company wants a piece of the market. Where do you get your online news?

Google News, Apple News, and Newsstand are just a few online news sources. They are racking up ad money while hosting stories, pics, and videos. One online source for news, however, is quite possibly better… Google News. Sorry, Apple News and Newsstand.

Apple News Better Than Newsstand

It is hard to imagine the entangled world that is the news. There are so many places you can get your news, it is almost a bombardment of info the second you open your laptop. Most actual newspapers simply send their stories to tech giants and hop for some ad money to come back their way.

Apple News is, however, better than Newsstand. Apple News has a better overall net gain for anyone who was using Newsstand, although, Apple News still must compete with data Google News.

Google News Has Become News Gatekeeper

Google News has essentially become the gatekeeper of online news is many ways. That is what makes it one of the top platforms for people to get their news. Making Apple News and Newsstand obsolete.

If anyone gets their site onto Google News, they probably have a very reputable high-quality web property. Google has become very selective about who they let into their newsroom, that is for sure. Being added onto the online news platform comes with a wealth of benefits.

Google Benefits Over Apple News and Newsstand

The most obvious benefit of being part of Google News is the traffic. If a news site wants to see an increase in traffic, Google is their best bet for posting. More linking back to your website. A Google search ranking boost.

Increased authority access. And faster indexing of articles is among the multiple benefits of Google News. Getting your news online or partnering it with Google is a must for more traffic. Leaving Apple to focus on the next generation iPhone.