iPhone 7 is Cheaper than these 3 Phones

iPhone 7 is Cheaper than these 3 Phones Samsung Galaxy 7S Fans Choose iPhone 6S: 5 things that make Apple Fans Happy Clapway

The iPhone 7 is many things but cheap is not one of them. Yet, millions find a way to fork over the money at a chance to hold that ever so precious Facebook machine in their hands. That being said, the situation could be far worse. There are several smartphones out there more expensive than Apple’s variety so cheer up and look at some of them.


Everybody wants to be a princess but no one wants to dress in a frilly dress and go around kissing frogs. Now, you can throw that plan out the window because the iPhone Princess Plus is here. What makes it so regal you ask? Des 17.75 karats of diamond of the trick? No? Alright, then also add 18 karats of white gold trim on the phone. As a result, you get a pimped out phone fit for a princess for $170,400. Also, this is on the cheap side.


Are you being made fun of for still having an iPhone 5? Well, shut all your lame friends up with this Black Diamond edition. The black diamond is one of the rarest jewels in the world. Fortunately, Stuart Huges was able to find one of these black diamonds and – Apply it. Additionally, there are other diamonds on the phone to keep the black one company. So how much will this statement of power set you back? Not much at all. Just a measly $15.3 Million will do the trick. Totally worth it.


Just the name alone sounds like something out of Star Wars but unfortunately, this phone is not fiction. Unlike some of these other phones, the SuperNova isn’t that over the top. And by that, it only has two main features. Those being an 18 karat gold casing which is only second to the gigantic diamond on the back. Falcon decided to embed a pink diamond on this phone which explains the $95.5 Million device. Again, that’s $95.5 Million. For a phone. Thankfully, the makers of the SuperNova are understanding of this price tag. Therefore, they have set up a payment plan if you’d like, so have at it.

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