NASA Found Alien Portals Near Earth

NASA Found Alien Portals Near Earth Clapway

Portals near Earth are alien superhighways. Even NASA knows it. In 2012, NASA announced the discovery of hidden portals in the magnetic field of Earth. That is the topic in the latest secureteam10 video. There is evidence of these portals, and this favorite sci-fi theme can no longer be ignored.

NASA said portals near earth are real, so why are they important for space travel and aliens?

Wormholes, star gates, and space portals have been said to bend space and time. They are used for long distant space travel, so naturally, space superhighways are found in them. And they have long been said to be the best way for long distance space travel. Tyler from secureteam10 said planet Earth is in a very distant location. Our planet is essentially in the boonies.

How do aliens from a distant galaxy show up in and around our atmosphere? Space portals of course. In fact, many believe future humans are the aliens visiting Earth using these portals, because there is simply no other reason for a tech savvy alien race to visit our primitive planet.

A NASA-funded researcher at the University of Iowa confirms portals and figured out how to find them.

Research funded by NASA not only found space and time travel portals to be real, but they know how to find the portals too. The areas where the portals can be found are called “X Points.” Jack Scudder, a physicist at the University of Iowa said the “X Points” are where the magnetic field of the Earth connects with the sun’s magnetic field.

This connection creates a 93 million mile uninterrupted path from our planet to the sun. NASA posted this portal information online for all to see. It is not the ramblings of some nut job in a trailer outside Area 51.

NASA THEMIS spacecraft and Europe’s Cluster probes say that the sun is a stargate to other areas in the universe?

Portals a few tens of thousands of kilometers from Earth open and close several times each day. This is what NASA THEMIS spacecraft and Europe’s Cluster probes have found. Some portals are large and long lasting, however, others are short lived.

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