UFO Base Found in Russian Lake Baikal

UFO Base Found in Russian Lake Baikal Clapway

The deepest freshwater lake on Earth may be home to a secret UFO base. Recently released Russian Navy files are telling the truth. And believers are going to Russian Lake Baikal to see aliens living like Sponge Bob. The increase of alien talk is centered on a UFO landing in the lake. YouTube channel MLordandGod posted the latest video about the secret Navy files. Spoiler alert, alien humanoids were seen in the lake, and they killed divers.

Russian Lake Baikal is home to aliens and hidden underwater UFO base

Russian Lake Baikal has become the center of alien attention. The release of secret files has caused quite a stir among believers. And many have made the shores of the lake home in order to see an alien. Rumors of a UFO landing in the lake over 60 years ago has led to many thinking an alien base is below the surface. What did these secret files say to cause such a stir?

Secret files from Russian soviet times prove UFO landing and alien contact

The secret Russian files date back to soviet times. They are from Russia’s Navy, and these files outline several unexplained sightings since the turn of the 20th century. One story, in particular, revolves around Lake Baikal. In 1958, a UFO landed in the Siberian lake after an airplane crash. Since the incident, there have been numerous reports of alien activity around the lake.

Alien humanoids found by divers; are these mysterious alien encounters real?

There have been amateur and professional alien researchers watching the waters of the Russian lake for quite some time. And they have had some interesting encounters of the third kind. Even local fisherman claim to have seen powerful UFO lights coming from the waters depths like Old Greg. In 1982, divers saw a group of alien humanoids dressed in silver suits at a depth of 50 meters. Naturally, they attempted to capture the aliens. However, three of the divers died, or maybe even killed.

Want to learn more about Russia’s USO spacecraft secrets?

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