NASA Got Scared of Aliens on Mars; Mission to be Canceled…

NASA Got Scared of Aliens on Mars; Mission to be Canceled… Clapway

NASA may be cancelling their 2030 Mars mission because of possible contact with aliens. The news of the possibility came after government auditors said the space agency is not ready. NASA has had its sights set on a manned mission to Mars, however, it may have to wait decades. It could be possible that humans will never make it to the Red Planet. The search for life and aliens in space is clear, but the future of missions involving humans is not.

The 2030 NASA mission to Mars will never launch; the discovery of aliens could be the reason

The recent NASA Mars rover photos and research is relatively vague to the public. The idea of sending humans to the Red Planet is a fun one, however, the U.S. government may have other plans. The mission’s original outline drafted in 2010 has made a lot of progress. The Orion crew capsule and the Space Launch System may be celebrated. Unfortunately, officials now seem doubtful. Did they find aliens, and that is what has scared the government?

NASA grounded by officials; budget cuts and aliens may have caused internal Mars issues

The Accountability Office has finally come out and said the Mars mission is more sci-fi and not enough reality. Officials overseeing the possible NASA manned mission launch have said lack of money and internal beefs in management are to blame for the cancelled space flight. Or maybe aliens have said don’t come? Mike Gruntman, professor of aeronautics at the University of California said the long-term goal for the mission is still not clear. Was the whole idea simply a way to funnel money into the space agency?

Aliens have put up a “no vacancy” sign on Mars and NASA will need to settle for the moon

The journey to Mars was always dependent on the success of the Orion crew capsule. A 2018 NASA mission will test the SLS launch system and send an empty crew capsule to the moon. And there were even plans to send a four-man crew to an asteroid, in order to redirect the space rock. This alone is concerning, since redirecting an asteroid usually means that it may hit Earth. A lot of the recent Red Planet research revolves around finding life. Maybe they have, and the aliens made it clear that they simply don’t want humans on their Martian soil.