Craft Bicycle – Giving up Technology and Going Green

The ultimate bamboo bike

Craft Bicycle – Giving up Technology and Going Green Clapway

If you think that the riding experience can only get better by using the latest technology and the most modern gear then you might be wrong. A good biking experience comes from a bike that has been manufactured using the quality products and boasts a unique design. If you are looking for such kind of bike that also proves to be eco-friendly then the right option for you is to get your hands on the Craft Bicycle which has been manufactured using fine bamboo wood. The bike is a work of art and carries elegance along with exhibiting a lot of love and hard work that has gone into manufacturing it.

Why Use Bamboo to Manufacture these Bikes?

Raw materials to craft a bamboo frame

Don’t you think that in the race of becoming better than all the counterparts and earning more revenue, people have lost the urge to come up with products that have a better effect on the environment? The purpose is just to make more money instead of providing people with quality, creativity, and love. All these elements are present in the Craft Bicycles which use bamboo in the form of a premium raw material. Do you know that bamboo is the second best natural absorber of carbon dioxide? Not only this, but it produces 35% more oxygen than the rest of the trees making it the finest green material. We have not used bamboo only because it brings a greener effect to the environment but because of the following reasons as well:

Strong Material:

You must be thinking that how would a bamboo be able to meet the strength of steel? The fact is bamboo has a similar or even greater breaking than bamboo. Their weight-to-breaking ratio is similar to that of graphite. Not just bicycles but bamboo can also be used to build strong structures like bridges and multi-story buildings. These bamboos actually help to make stronger and more reliable bikes that ensure safety and are long-lasting as well.

Cleaner Wood:

Unlike other kinds of wood, bamboos tend to grow straight, therefore, there are no knots or turns in them. Because of this feature, bamboo has a higher tensile strength which is even more than that of concrete. It is a very clean kind of wood and does not require much of tweaking to build strong structures. Just a few strong pieces of bamboo are combined together and the result is a nice, strong, and environmental-friendly bike.

No Dampening:

Bamboo is strong and can be utilized in the most efficient way but one is awed when other advantages of bamboo come into his/her knowledge. There is a thick cellulose matrix called lignin in the cell walls of bamboo and surprisingly this material acts as a shock absorber. The bamboo poles create a unique dampening effect which makes each and every ride of any kind of rider a really smooth one.

Sustainable Growth:

Once harvested, bamboo does not require replanting which is quite different as compared to other kinds of wood like timber. There is no denying the fact that the growth rate of bamboo is remarkable with growing up to four feet a day. It feels like carbon fiber is growing straight out of the ground and in the perfect condition which is suitable to make a bike frame.

Bamboo Frame

What is so special about Craft Bicycle?

Although the fact that they are made of bamboo which serves as a stronger material as compared to steel and other metals is enough to make these bikes stand out but there are a number of other reasons as well. We started out this campaign with a lot of things in mind and the sole purpose was to combine all the efforts and ideas to come up with something that will have a huge impact on the audiences. Following are some of the other reasons that make our bicycles stand out of the crowd:

A lot of love and dedication goes into making each and every piece:

We are not like the mainstream bike manufacturers instead, we work like tailors. We take your specific measurements and craft the bikes to meet your requirements and specifications. Because of this each piece and unique and different from the previous one that we have manufactured. From handles to chain to the frame, everything is made from our own hands.


Craft Bicycle - The perfection that women deserve in a shape of a bike

Craft Bicycle – The perfection that women deserve in a shape of a bike

Fit for the female gender:

We know that women have different requirements as compared to men for their bicycles, therefore, we keep them in mind before coming up with any piece. The size specifications are already fulfilled making our focus shift to more personal needs especially when manufacturing something for the females. Our design team has modified their approach when dealing with women and works to come with pieces that are light-weight and easier to handle. There is no need to adjust or lubricate the frame. High-tech Shimano shifters ensure that a gear changes in less than a second.


Craft Bicycle - The ideal bike for classy men.

Craft Bicycle – The ideal bike for classy men

The men are not any less satisfied:

Looking for a bike that will work the best for everyday rides? This is the best option because we do not fail to cater to the needs of all the tough guys and our approach is to capture all the metropolises even to the far-flung areas. The strong and tough men of our society need something that is as tough as them, therefore, we provide the right kind of bike for all the men while maintaining the best quality.


Bamboo Fenders

Bamboo Fenders

How the Bikes are Manufactured?

There is no compromise on the class of the bikes thus, the following high-quality materials are used:

  • Shimano Nexus 7
  • Shimano HB-RM 40
  • Shimano Br-T4000 V-brake
  • Shimano Coaster Brake
  • Sapim Leader
  • Sapim Polyax Brass
  • Ergotec
  • Brooks
  • Sparinnga Led
  • And off course, bamboo.

Each and every bamboo frame is created after spending 60-hours of labor. The piece is initially tailored according to the requirements and it is build ensuring its value and strength are maintained at the highest level. Natural hemp and resin are used to manufacture each frame which literally makes the joints nearly indestructible. Special attention is given to each and every step including manufacturing, joining, and finishing.

The raw materials are given the right shape after passing through the process of smoothing and sanding and after which they are incubated in a room that has steam at 100° C. The materials become soft enough enabling them to be molded into the desired shape. Thin strips of bamboo are used to manufacture fenders, handlebars, and even chain guards. The right shape and size of each part is confirmed before the joining process.

Other than bamboo, the materials which are used in making these bikes is aluminum, brass, and steel which are made using the lathe, milling, or CNC machines.


Craft Bicycle - The ultimate bamboo bike

Craft Bicycle – The ultimate bamboo bike

The Craft Bicycles Indiegogo Campaign:

We want to bring innovation in every aspect of riding a bike, therefore, our focus is entirely on using products that boast highest of quality and are also sustainable. Our objective is to introduce an eco-friendly bike that has a great aesthetic appeal, is comfortable, and does not hinder the process of enjoying a perfect bike ride. We have started a campaign on Indiegogo and would like all the bike lovers from around the world to be a part of it and support our campaign. This will help us in expanding the magnitude of our project and taking Craft Bicycle to maximum parts of the world. We aspire to reach greater heights following the big players on the market. All we need now is the support and help of fellow bike lovers.