NASA Captured Triangular UFO on Mars

NASA Captured Triangular UFO on Mars Clapway

NASA captured photo of triangular UFO via Mars rover Curiosity. Whoop there it is said Tyler from secureteam10, the YouTube channel that posted the alien inspired image. How much longer can NASA deny the facts? There have been numerous UFO sighting on or near Mars recently. And most of them have been captured by the U.S. space agency. Interestingly, triangular spacecraft has been more common lately. Does this mean aliens have perfected their space tech?

NASA image of UFO on Mars is clear after a bit of clever image enhancement

UFO on Mars is not so clear at first. NASA can’t stop posting images of alien spaceships on the Red Planet. Maybe they are trying to tell the public aliens do exist without actually saying it. At first, the image of the alien spacecraft seems like any ordinary day on the Red Planet. However, after the photo is enhanced and contrast is added, a clear view of a triangular spaceship is in the sky. Mistake or warning?

Triangular UFO on Mars is not the first; NASA is trying to tell the public aliens do exist

The image of the hidden triangular UFO is not the first of its kind sighted on Mars. In fact, NASA footage from rovers, space shuttle missions, and probes all showed triangular spacecraft. The space agency even debunked one alien claim in 2012 when NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft captured a three-pointed spaceship. These types of spaceships have also been seen hovering around Earth and even on the moon. Maybe officials are subtly telling us aliens are indeed real.

Earth alien invasion will happen in 2017 to stop a nuclear war between Russia and the U.S.

Another wild topic covered by the YouTube post is a UFO invasion of Earth in 2017. Could aliens from Mars be planning the attack? NASA may even know, since officials from Russia and the U.S. continue to threaten war. The invasion is also supposed to bring the apocalypse with aliens acting as the return of Christ. This may also have something to do with the next generation iPhone launch in 2017. Is Apple Skynet?