Over 200 People Saw Alien UFO Towed by Helicopters – Clapway

Over 200 People Saw Alien UFO Towed by Helicopters Clapway

Air Force helicopters towing alien UFO captured by more than 200 people around the world. One or two videos of spaceships being moved by the Air Force may be a coincidence or hoax. However, the startling number of videos online showing spaceships being moved is most certainly cause for alarm. Hundreds of people across the globe have seen them, and they all want answers. Are officials using tech from aliens to win wars? YouTube channel Top 10 Paranormal posted the latest video.

Alien UFO tech to help defeat ISIS; could Aliens be talking War with Officials?

The recent video posted online showing an Air Force helicopter towing an alien UFO brings up a lot of questions. The man filming the spacecraft surrounded by several Air Force vehicles is most certainly scared. He continued saying, “God is Great” in Arabic as the flying saucer passes by. It shows a saucer-like spaceship very clearly. And this may be the new method for defeating ISIS.

More Alien UFO videos surface; officials are hiding the truth about aliens in plain sight

There are more videos of helicopters moving an alien UFO online than ever before. A YouTube post by UfoTube.org shows a helicopter carrying a flying saucer. And they tried to hopelessly cover the craft. How stupid do they think the public is? Apparently very stupid, because another video shows the truth behind the army using tech from aliens in the Middle East.

Army uses an Alien UFO against Russia; Aliens make jet crash into Hundreds of People

A news report of a jet crashing into people after an alien UFO crosses its path in 2002 is more evidence. Evidence that the U.S. is indeed using their new tech from aliens against the old Russian rival. The news report shows a dark saucer like object fly under the jet before it spins out of control and crashes. Could this spark the next great war between two of the world’s biggest superpowers with large armies?