German Officials Chasing Alien Saucer; NASA Could Join…

German Officials Chasing Alien Saucer; NASA Could Join… Clapway

NASA puts everyone on high alert after an alien flying saucer was spotted over Germany. It seems like there is a UFO sighting every week. In nearly every country around the world. This could be the last stage before alien leaders land for all to see. A UFO invasion has also been the topic of debate among believers as well. NASA may find out more details by capturing the flying saucer. YouTube channel Blast A posted the very clear video of the incident causing a scare around the world.

Alien spaceship follows a jet over mountains; NASA knows the aliens’ intentions…

The alien flying saucer following a jet over Germany may not be friendly, experts say. NASA even knows the UFO missions around our planet are the warning of something dangerous to come. The space agency also posted a “Guideline for Future Alien Life Search” on their website. Why would NASA take the time thinking about aliens if they didn’t exist? In fact, government officials have been talking with aliens for some time.

President spoke with alien leaders to get space tech and details about the future

The government has known about alien life for a very long time and NASA has been trying desperately to keep the secret. It all began when President Eisenhower met with aliens at Edwards Air Force Base in 1954. Since then, officials have had an open dialogue with them. So why not tell the public? Russia wants the U.S. to spill the space beans. If the U.S. officials don’t, Russia most certainly would. This may be because the U.S. has started using tech from aliens in war.

Recent videos of spaceship moved by Air Force helicopter in Syria worries Russia

NASA and other government agencies have been hard at work creating alien war machines since the Eisenhower meeting. There has been a lot of videos showing flying saucers like the one seen in Germany being moved by the Air Force in Syria. This is making Russia worried, since officials say the new cold war is underway. If you are a fan of UFOs, this poster is a great addition to your collection. This poster of A P-51 Mustang fighters chasing a UFO over Roswell by Posterazzi is available on Amazon for $45.60.