Twitter is Officially Better at Brainwashing Than CNN or Google

Twitter is Officially Better at Brainwashing Than CNN or Google How to use Twitter for business Clapway

Twitter is a mind control app, and it is doing a better job of brainwashing you than CNN or Google. A new study to be published in a leading peer-reviewed journal has uncovered the best way to predict TV show popularity. And Twitter rated the highest among other social media outlets such as Google and CNN. The study by INFORMS may have a global impact on the marketing and advertising industry. But what about the overload of information people are experiencing at unprecedented rates?

Twitter is a mind control machine that is more powerful than Google and CNN

The recent study found Twitter to be an effective tool for analyzing a TV show’s ratings. Other media outlets like CNN also play a role in brainwashing people, but what does this data really tell us? It suggests social media can, in fact, predict the future. And researchers from NYU and Carnegie Mellon University analyzed 1.8 billion tweets and 113 million Google searches to find the answers.

Unlike Google and CNN, Twitter can capture people’s emotions; is social media ruining the human experience?

Researchers found some interesting data and CNN and Google may lose some of their marketability because of it. The results suggest that Twitter captures the emotions people have during a TV show. Other sites only capture the search or information. This is vital since emotions drive what most people do or don’t do, or what they watch or don’t watch. The mining of social media sites that offer rich emotional data is what allows the algorithms to predict the future. However, social media may be ruining the human experience, since the data can be used to spoon feed viewers specific messages.

Twitter may be useful for tracking disease and saving lives during a foodborne illness outbreak, or zombie apocalypse

Unlike CNN and Google, Twitter does, in fact, have the power to reach millions in a single tweet. This can be far more useful to human health and wellness, rather than solely using it for TV show ratings. A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found tweets rather useful for tracking health symptoms at the state level. This could come in handy when people start turning into zombies, because you will know what states to avoid.