Alien Cockroaches Attacking New York City

Alien Cockroaches Attacking New York City Clapway

Global warming is causing alien cockroaches to attack people in New York City. This could be part of a larger plan by aliens, since they planted cockroaches on Earth millions of years ago. Scientists and bug experts say the heat and humidity are causing the bugs to become more active, but a more complex problem may exist. Alien leaders may be using the cockroaches as a vessel to spread their DNA to humans. This comes after scientists find DNA of aliens in Utah, and a coming UFO invasion in 2017.

Flying alien bugs attacking New Yorkers; do aliens control the planet’s climate?

Cockroaches are dirty little bugs that have an amazing ability to survive. These creatures have survived for 350 million years on Earth, because they are highly adaptable. The recent rise in heat and humidity in New York have made Cockroaches more active. They have wings and are beginning to fly due to the hot weather, says bug expert Ken Schuman. This could be plan aliens began millions of years ago. Extraterrestrials are indeed tech-savvy, and it wouldn’t be surprising to find out they are causing global warming. Is it a part of a plan to infect humans, since nuclear war is imminent?

Flying alien bugs are a result of global warming caused by aliens; the 2017 UFO invasion has started

Recent research by Milton Wainwright, a professor at Sheffield University found alien DNA floating in the Earth’s stratosphere above Utah. And cockroaches may be another way aliens are spreading their DNA to humans in New York. Experts say that these bugs in the south fly are more often due to humidity, and global warming is changing the northern climate. Making it warmer, and more comfortable for cockroaches. The recent flying activity of cockroaches is quite possibly the first stage of the 2017 UFO invasion, but it may save humans from extinction.

Alien bugs are infecting humans with life-saving bacteria that will resist a nuclear war

Aliens are trying to save humans from extinction, since they failed to save the dinosaurs. The UFO invasion, predicted to take place in September of 2017, may stop a nuclear war between the U.S. and Russia. It is said to be from the Bible. Interestingly, cockroaches can survive nuclear blasts. Making them the perfect way for alien leaders to infect humans with live-saving bacteria. Will the population of Earth be turned into aliens, half cockroach, and half human? This could help the human race survive the coming war.