Top 3 Reasons why YouTube Promotes Online Casino

Top 3 Reasons why YouTube Promotes Online Casino Clapway

Now you can play live casino games online and YouTube will promote them. Well, maybe not directly, but you can definitely monetize your videos for more cash flow. This hot new trend is making a huge wave on YouTube and online casino gaming is becoming a great way to strut your skills as well. You can play live games in real time while interacting with a real life dealer. It puts those virtual poker rooms to shame, offering a fresh way to play. So why are thousands of people logging on to play live games, and posting their experience on YouTube?

Online Casino Gaming offers players a real life experience, making it trendy and cool

Players can now get a real casino floor experience from the comfort of their own home. Yes, and they can also post their wins and losses on YouTube for the enjoyment of others. You may find your heart racing like the guy who made a $5,000 bet on one blackjack hand. Sodapoppin posted the video, and it was a pretty tense moment for sure, just like a real Las Vegas pit. This week alone accumulated nearly 10,000 YouTube videos of live gaming.

Players can monetize their online casino action on YouTube to earn more cash to keep playing

The YouTube video posted by Sodapoppin showed a young guy who bet a large sum of money at an online casino. And the tension was thick. I have to admit, I am not a gambler myself, but found myself enthralled by the action. Three minutes in and I was hooked. I needed to know if he was going to win or lose. This video nearly 1.5 million views in roughly three months. That is pretty good monetization power.

Players can show off their casino skills on YouTube while they play live games

The live casino action each YouTube video offers to both players and viewers is pretty amazing. Like I said, I was sucked in, leaning over my computer as nervous as the guy about to win or lose 5K. This real life gaming experience even offers a live human dealer, something that has been missing from other online poker rooms. If you win big, your reaction is sure to be priceless, so why not share it on the world’s second largest search engine.