Top 5 Betting Tips for Online Gamblers

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Online gamblers may win big when they bet on sports with these five betting tips. Whether you’re betting NHL games of taking Vegas odds on the Super Bowl, you want to get the most money out of your bet. YouTube channel Players Network posted key ingredients for online gamblers as Chet Coppock talks with legendary Wayne Allen Root on

1. Bet on sports like you are trading on Wall Street; buy orphan stocks

Wayne Root, the author of Zen of Gambling says the point-spread value is meaningless. He suggests that online gamblers should be betting on sports like buying orphan stocks on Wall Street. You want to bet on undervalued teams and against overvalued teams at the right time. Wayne Root says find value.

2. You should be betting on the underdogs because they are simply undervalued

This online gambling philosophy is all about betting on the team with nothing to lose and everything to gain. Bet on the underdog when they are playing against top rated teams. This is why teams that win the Super Bowl have very little value the next season, because every other team wants to destroy them.

3. To make money on online gambling you need to understand money management like a betting pro

Casual bettors may not fully understand the concept of money management when it comes to betting. They often make an initial small bet, and then slowly increase it. Only this may backfire and they may lose big down the road.

4. Go against the teams people love; highly inflated point spreads are a unique bet

Wayne Root explains how people bet on famous or public teams simply because they are who they are. He says this is a mistake, since you should be betting against those teams due to inflated point spreads. Wayne Root also says that picking nonpublic teams over public teams when they play one another is a great betting strategy.

5. Place your bet opposite of where the money is going; if everyone is picking one team, pick the opponent to win

This goes against the follow the leader betting strategy many online gamblers follow. Most will follow the money and pick the team more likely to win. Wayne Root says to do the opposite. He will even call around to find out where the money is going and go the opposite direction. He also listens to sportscasters and if they have a favorite, he goes against them. Don’t follow the hype, because you never win if you are a follower.