U.S. Military Almost Killed 4 People by Area 51

U.S. Military Almost Killed 4 People by Area 51 Clapway

Reports of U.S. military soldiers nearly killing a family of four by Area 51 are shocking. Because they had military machine guns pointed at their heads, and this is making officials worried. YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon posted the footage. The video of the four people being stopped by soldiers at Area 51 is a clear reminder that the government is hiding something at the base. And they will kill anyone who enters.

U.S. military soldiers nearly killed a family of four at a remote desert location by Area 51, because they drove too far

Now we know that the secrets held at Area 51 are with killing for, and a family found out the hard way. This suggests that there is alien and UFO technology at the top-secret military base, and there is a lot of it. The video shows an unsuspecting family that drove through the “restricted” sign, and they were quickly met with force. Soldiers stopped the vehicle with weapons out threatening force. The soldiers would have probably killed the family, but luckily someone was filming the incident. The footage made it to the internet, but what about the people?

Area 51 has alien secrets and “black” projects the military doesn’t want the public to know about; was the family taken and killed secretly?

Area 51 is a secret military base roughly 100 miles from Las Vegas, and the base is known for its secret “black” projects. Russia even found the base of interest during the Cold War, releasing a spy photo it took off the base in 1988. It is surrounded by thousands of acres of empty desert, and that family of four may now be buried in that desert. The video of the incident never shows the end. We can only speculate that the family may have seen something they shouldn’t have. Because they were never seen leaving safely. It is possible the family is fine. However, no one would ever know otherwise.

Not the first time the military stopped and killed people who trespassed at Area 51; 39 people killed at the base

This was not the first incident at Area 51, because a BBC film crew was stopped at gunpoint by the military in 2012. The film crew was detained. And they were nearly shot for trespassing. U.S. officials even called the British government over the incident. Afterward, the film crew said they were followed for weeks. Another story came from Boyd Bushman, a former scientist at the secret base. He said aliens do exist there. And that experiments to use alien technology are ongoing. He also said that at least 39 people have been killed at the base. What happened to the family? Will the government ever tell us the truth?