Over 5 People Saw Alien UFO in Belgium; NASA is worried…

Over 5 People Saw Alien UFO in Belgium; NASA is worried… Clapway

Alien UFO captured over Belgium in rare footage, and most likely NASA wants to know who took the video. The white glow of the spacecraft flew around the Andromeda Constellation, and this was most certainly no shooting star. The alien UFO changed speed and direction several times. YouTube channel UFOvni2012 posted the video of the aliens. NASA allegedly contacted Belgium officials to get the source of the footage, since that is where the video was taken. This is more evidence that aliens do, in fact, exist. How much longer can the world governments lie?

NASA is worried that the new alien UFO video will expose space secrets

NASA might be searching for more than five people who witnessed an alien UFO flying in space. The video of the spaceship shows a white glow dancing among the stars, but the space agency will try to say it is simply shooting stars. If you watch the video, you will see that these are no stars. It is more like a fleet of spaceships, but why are they flying so wildly? Could the aliens be preparing for the 2017 invasion of Earth?

The alien UFO invasion is a year away and NASA is trying to keep people from going crazy

Predictions of a 2017 alien UFO invasion are trending, and the invasion premise actually makes sense. This could be why there is so much activity in the sky recently. Earlier this week a giant spacecraft circled a casino in Florida, just feet away from onlookers. Now in Belgium, people are capturing spaceships practicing fighter jet maneuvers around the stars. This could be an indicator that aliens are preparing for the invasion to come. NASA is desperately trying to keep the invasion a secret by debunking the prediction. However, the recent activity in the sky speaks volumes.

The Belgium UFO wave is happening again; NASA and alien leaders are fighting over space

The Belgium UFO wave was a series of alien spacecraft sightings that happened from 1989 to 1990. The aliens must really like Belgium beer. The sightings were of triangular spaceships that were seen by nearly 15,000 people, and thousands of those folks filed official reports of the sightings. Some even took photographs of the spaceship. The military was even used to find and shoot down the space ships. Is NASA worried this is happening again?