Mobile App: Is Your Company Ready To Take The Next Step?

Mobile App: Is Your Company Ready To Take The Next Step? 8 Hacks For Increasing Mobile Conversion Rates Clapway

More than two billion people worldwide are currently using the internet on their mobile phone, and that number is about to grow in the future. Source

If you believe your business ready to join the Pro-Leagues organization (those use the next level mobile apps), then it is also the time that you must contemplate about creating a mobile app for your business. In this technology driven world, companies and corporate houses are using mobile phone applications to harness their operational matters and to reach out to their customers.

Many experts say that mobile apps can become the main catalyst  for the success of any entity. And, already, many established multinational companies are relying on mobile apps for a flawless operational system and customer convenience.

But the question remains, is your company ready for a mobile app?

So, in order to provide an answer, today I am going to tackle this particular question and find out whether your business actually ready to leverage technology or not. Take a look at some of facts here.

1. Long Term Commitment

Before you approve the Mobile App Plan, make sure that is a viable long-term business decision. To make a iOS and Android app, you’d first have to open up your checkbooks. Thus, determining whether it is justifiable or not, will solely depend on what plan you have in mind.

You must even have a secure return on investment plan or at least a Plan B when you are about to put in the mobile app.

Remember, mobile app internally should save you operational costs at first.

Most companies have a long-term vision when it comes to mobile apps. Your company must be able to take full advantage of the mobile app software and the app if it wants to incorporate in the first place.

Just be certain that your internal systems are updated if it wants to accommodate the mobile app services.

2. More Business for your Company

What are the credo and the goals of your company; it is to expand, tap more customer bases and in turn add more revenue? Then opting for a mobile app for your business won’t be such a bad idea after all.

In a survey conducted in the United States, it was mentioned that mobile app usage contributed to 86 percent of total mobile usage.

Hence you can actually predict that there is a huge market to tap on and more revenues to be collected through it. It can be direct or indirect way of revenue.

The mobile app would certainly provide a convenience to your customers and your own team. However, it will also allow new customers to hop in thanks to the service you are providing.

Your mobile app, if marketed rightly, can easily bring new business to your company.

3. The Demography of your customers

The demography of the people you serve can also become a very decisive factor when you are contemplating about introducing a mobile app for your business. Participation of older and senior people in internet usage has seen a huge increase in the last five years or so.

However, the number of mobile internet users amongst them is likely to be less. On the other hand, teenagers and young people make up the larger pie of mobile internet users. And, most use the internet on their devices or mobile phones.

Hence you can easily sketch out the demography for your company’s benefit.

If you believe your product or service inclines towards the youth, then you can easily use the benefits and the appeal of the mobile app. Just take a survey and understand your customer base, it will help you along.

4. Do you have the team?

How do you tackle your Information and Technology operations is the key to your mobile app ambitions. There are three possible scenarios;

  • You have a dedicated IT division
  • You have outsourced all your IT work to a different company
  • You occasionally call in the tech support guy or there is one single guy you rely on

It does not matter what you do as long as you get your work done efficiently, but as soon as you decide to go for a mobile app, it becomes a very different ball game.

Mobile app needs capabilities, skill, and experience. Hence the team that you rely on should bring this to the table. If you are nonchalant about this, then you might end up with an app which short of the mark.

5. Check what your competitor is up to

“If you’re not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry—your competitors are already using it and are getting those customers instead.” – Jamie Turner, Marketing Guru

Every company and management like to believe that they provide a unique product or a service. Some are actually right but most companies exaggerate it. Competition and rivalry are everywhere, and hence companies have to buckle up their seatbelts for it.

This is where a dedicated mobile app can give you the cutting edge help over your rivals. Companies which blink first in technology race always yield the benefits. The mobile app is a step that is appreciated by all customers and it provides the companies that little help and luck that it always yearns for.

6. Are Ready to Create Mobile App only Content?

As per a study by Harris Interactive, 69% of people accept that if an entity’s app is not useful, then the brand can attract negativity from all its users.

If you have already taken the decision to make a mobile application, then you must start thinking about what you can put on it. You can surely copy-paste the existing mobile /browser website page’s textual and video content and other relevant things to your app.

However, then how will that be different from the mobile page? Why would users download your app and allow you to eat up their disk space?

Well, your app should provide an X-Factor and this is where you can make it special by creating app only content for your users. First of all, the app should categorically contain segments that are unique, for example, food ordering service option through GPS, or even Video-Chatting and Real Time Chatting with your executives with a messenger. It is vital that you must select a strategy for your software’s content.

Also, you must remember that when you have an app, constant monitoring and checks become even more pivotal and important as users expect something special from apps—like sudden discounts offers, useful alters, and vital notifications. All of these things can become tedious if you do not have a plan, budget and a team backing up the desire.  Hence, just be sure that you can invest time and money into a content strategy of your app before creating the software.

So, there you have it, now you are acquainted with the know-how of whether you company needs a mobile app nor not. I am sure above tips will help you to understand whether your is ready for a mobile app or not.