Over 10 Police and FBI Cars Chasing Alien UFO in Washington – Clapway

Over 10 Police and FBI Cars Chasing Alien UFO in Washington - Clapway

Police, FBI, and fire personnel were in hot pursuit to capture an alien UFO in Washington. Could this be another official cover-up or simply a hoax? YouTube channel thridphaseofmoon posted the footage. And the scene appeared to be tense on the ground. The UFO police and FBI officials were allegedly chasing was hard not to notice due to its array of lights. This is not the first alien spacecraft spotted this year in the state. Could aliens be hiding in the woods of the northwest?

Police and FBI are unsure what to think after alien UFO was captured in Washington

The video of multiple emergency personnel vehicles flying madly down the road in Washington may be related to aliens. The police and FBI were captured on a home video at the same time a bright alien UFO hovered in the sky. The spaceship was highly visible with multiple white glowing lights that could be seen for miles in every direction. Though no official reports of the incident have been released, it may be possible aliens are hiding in the Pacific Northwest.

Alien base in Pacific Northwest is UFO epicenter; do the local police and FBI know the truth?

The northwest region of the U.S. is covered in a dense forest that would be perfect for an alien base to be concealed in. These aliens may be like Star Wars Ewoks, since that part of the movie was shot not far from the forested state. It may also be the epicenter for UFO activity because the latest spacecraft video is not the first to be captured there. In January of this year, a blue orb was recorded speeding across the sky. And the UFO Contact Center International is also based in Seattle. That may or may not be a coincidence. The police and FBI may have their suspicions, but no one knows the truth just yet.

Obama may make an announcement regarding alien life and the FBI and police will have to finally come clean

If the police and FBI did capture the alien in the recent video, the truth will certainly never be told. That is unless Obama becomes the first leader in history to come out of the alien closet. Rumors of Obama telling the world about aliens have been circulating lately. It may come as his last act as president to tell the world we are definitely not alone. Hillary Clinton’s promise to look into Area 51 if elected may have set this into motion. Will we know the truth before 2017?