Tesla Owner Elon Musk Contacted Aliens

Tesla Owner Elon Musk Contacted Aliens Clapway

Tesla’s Elon Musk believes that we are living in a virtual world. Yes, the crazy innovative genius has just compared human beings to Sim characters. Musk may think this, because he might know something the rest of us don’t. Where does he get all those innovative ideas anyway? Chances are, Musk is talking to aliens, and like selling your soul to the devil, he brainstorms with them for ideas that make him filthy rich. This may be the driving force behind his latest comment that people are in some sort of Matrix.

Elon Musk got an idea for Tesla from aliens, and he continues to build an empire using alien power

A recent YouTube video posted by Vox highlighted the new Elon Musk theory. He says that humans are simply a more advanced version of the computer game The Sims. This is a bold idea, however, not too crazy when you take a glimpse into how people once thought. Many “smart” people of yesteryear truly believed the Earth was flat. This makes the argument that reality is probably not as it seems.

Elon Musk draws on Tesla research as evidence to his idea; are aliens behind the data?

Nick Bostrom, a philosophy professor at Oxford University wrote a paper on the subject ‘Elon Musk is shouting from the rooftops’. In Bostrom’s paper, he supported Musk’s idea, suggesting that humans most definitely live in a virtual universe. Does this mean we are all trapped in the Matrix? And did aliens make this Matrix or Tesla? This may be how we went from playing pong to now fulfilling fantasies with virtual porn.

Aliens will control everything once civilization stops advancing; Elon Musk is confident this will happen

Elon Musk believes that our civilization will collapse one day. Of course, it will. We humans will eventually simulate ourselves. In order to have enough computer power to create simulations of ourselves, we will need to build a planet computer. This is what Bolstrom thinks will happen. We will send SpaceX Robots to another planet and it will act as the server for Earth.