The Technology Behind Live And Online Casinos

The Technology Behind Live And Online Casinos Clapway

We’re living in a golden age of technological innovation, both good and bad, in the 21st century. Compare your life today to that of your grandfather: in your pocket, you likely have a smartphone that can not only access the entirety of mankind’s accumulated knowledge but also make your life absurdly convenient with just a few taps of a touchscreen.

Of course, this wealth of technology is great news for big corporations and institutions as well as the average person. Casinos are one such institution that has enjoyed fantastic benefits from technological advancements.

Security at live and online casinos

Naturally, a huge part of the technology that casinos employ and seek to improve upon is security.

A live, land-based casino contains an insane amount of cash, which naturally invites criminals. Not only are there a lot of actual banknotes on the gaming floor, but the actual chips (especially in an area like Las Vegas) can be stolen and used as cash.

On top of that, the games themselves require a ton of security to ensure that they are safe and fair for players and the house alike. Online casinos not only have to make sure that their games are safe and fair, but they also have to protect the information of thousands, if not millions, of customers. That’s why their security has to be top-notch. However, there are still some dodgy sites out there, doing your research is vital as you don’t want to fall into the risk of getting scammed.

Live casino security: surprising technologies you don’t know about

It’s no longer the case that casinos are run by the mafia, so security these days doesn’t involve drive-bys and breaking kneecaps. However, it’s also the case that an Ocean’s Eleven style heist (or more realistically, a Rain Man style card counter) could put customer and casino money at risk. The casinos of the 21st century employ a lot of sophisticated technology to protect themselves and you.

Facial recognition

When you enter a land-based casino, your face is scanned by cameras and biometric facial recognition puts you up against databases of criminals and banned players. Some of these systems simply store the photos and leave it to staff to peruse them; some are so sophisticated that even wigs and fake noses can’t fool them.

RFID chips

Some individual casino chips, which can easily be palmed and hidden in a pocket, are worth upwards of $25,000. It goes without saying that they need to be protected, and that’s where RFID (radio frequency ID) technology comes in.

Valuable chips, and at some casinos every single chip, comes embedded with a RFID tag that broadcasts a unique radio frequency. Not only does this helps casinos track high-value chips, it also allows them to spot counterfeit chips without even seeing them up close.

The Technology Behind Live And Online Casinos ClapwayNORA

If multiple cheating players work together, casinos (and other customers) can lose a lot of money. Casinos can turn to a system called Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness, or NORA, which scans gigantic databases of information on transactions, known cheaters, employees and much more to recognise relationships and connections that a human may not pick up on.

NORA will know if two big winners at the same blackjack table went to university together, or if a dealer and a winning player grew up on the same street. This can be the difference between a successful scam and an arrest.

Online casino security: keeping the world’s money safe

Online casinos are a relatively new phenomenon, but in their short existence have become a powerhouse industry worth billions of dollars. With so much revenue and so many players around the world involved, the technology behind online casino security must be top of the line.


Random Number Generators (RNGs) are the backbone of a safe online casino. Without a reliable, truly random RNG then the casino games can be exploited by either players or the casino itself. The best, most reliable online casinos will be very transparent about the technology behind their RNG.

The Technology Behind Live And Online Casinos ClapwayBanking security

Perhaps the most important factor in the safety of an online casino is the security of banking. Online banking is no longer the niche it once was, and the majority of people accept it. Nevertheless, without due diligence, weaknesses in online banking can be exposed. It is the duty of an online casino to ensure that their online banking security is top-notch in order to protect the data of thousands of customers and the safety of tens of millions of dollars.

Regulatory and testing bodies

Who watches the watchmen? An online casino without ethics could skew their RNG to effectively steal money from players; sadly, it is not unknown for online casino employees to try and exploit customers for personal gain.

That’s where regulatory bodies come in. For online casinos to legally operate, they must be granted a license by a regulatory body. This body will police the casinos to ensure that everything, financially and ethically, is above board.

Testing bodies are independent, third-party companies that test casino security, such as the online casino RNG. If anything isn’t one hundred percent up to scratch, the casino could have their license revoked and be shut down.