The Unsung Hero of Casino: Slots

The Unsung Hero of Casino: Slots From Shots to Slots - Apps you Should Add Clapway

When it comes to the casino the majority of people interested in this subject tend to picture the high-rolling lifestyle associated with games like baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette, which hold the potential for big wins. After all, no one ever saw James Bond hanging around the slot machines, stashing coins in his dinner suit. However, despite an occasional image problem, the slots are truly an underestimated type of casino gaming, being one of the oldest, and one that gives a great chance of winning. This article will detail the history of the humble slot machine.

These machines go back a very long way, with their invention having been traced back to 1887 and one Charles Fey. This early version was a great deal simpler than the slots we see nowadays, although even then the reels, icons and spinning mechanism were in place. Early reel icons were playing card inspired hearts, spades and diamonds, as well as a horseshoe and a bell – with the latter being the icon that produced a payout if you got a matching row of three. Known as the Liberty Bell machine, it proved to be a smash hit with the public and saw slot machine production begin on a mass scale. Indeed, it was so popular that rival machines had appeared by the early 20th century, including the Operator Bell manufactured by the Mills company, and a machine from Sitman and Pitt that served as the basis for modern day slot machines. This drew inspiration from poker, with reel icons of playing cards and winning reels being the equivalent of strong poker hands. They were installed in bars throughout the country.

As slot machines continued to grow in popularity, a number of different types of machine were developed. For a long time, the Single-Coin machine was king, and they still represent what many consider the classic slot machine. So named because the player only inserts one coin to play, most modern day casinos have moved on from these to the Multipliers that were invented in 1987, Multiple Payline or Progressive machines. These let you put several coins in and offer more chances for payouts, making them more popular. However, despite the slots becoming a staple of casinos, it took a comparatively long time for them to make the technological progress of other games. Electronic versions of poker, dice and roulette all arrived, before the electronic slot machine debuted in 1975, courtesy of the Fortune Coin Company.

This first video slot paved the way for the development of the online casino slots of today, which offer an altogether more immersive experience, complete with themes based on popular computer games and movies and cutting edge video and audio effects. This has helped to make them relevant to younger people, who might have otherwise considered slot machines obsolete, and ensured that gamers can play online slots as a central part of any online or mobile casino experience.

As you can see, the slot machine has enjoyed a long history and has developed into an ultra-modern experience without losing its basic principles, suggesting it will continue to be a casino favourite.’Top 3 Reasons why YouTube Promotes Online Casino Clapway