End of World is Happening Now; Prophets were Right

End of World is Happening; Prophets were Right Clapway

The end of the world is upon us as the storm of the century approaches U.S. waters. Could this be the end of civilization as predicted by the prophets? The end of world predictions have been reported by the thousands from multiple sources around the globe, and it may happen in 2017. The beginning of the end could be a massive storm expected to hit the coast of America.

The end of world will happen in 2017, and governments are urging all ships to stay away from America

Reports around the Kremlin issued by the Russian Ministry of Transportation warn of a large storm to hit America. They are advising all ships to stay clear of the Atlantic waters off the coast of the U.S. for at least the next 14 days. The storm hailed by experts as “the storm of the century” may be the catalyst for the end of world events. An alien invasion or meteor strikes upon the Earth have all been part of the 2017 apocalypse predictions.

The storm of the century is brewing in the South Atlantic Ocean, causing panic and end of world mayhem

The evidence behind the storm and the end of world 2017 predictions is an abnormal disturbance in the ocean. This disturbance stretches from North America to the tip of South Africa. The storm may be produced by the abnormalities in the Van Allen radiation belt that drops 200 kilometers in altitude. However, the belt has now become unpredictable, and the Earth’s magnetic field may be weakening as a result. How will this impact the world?

Obama and other officials may be covering up the end of world data while they escape

Could the end of world predictions of 2017 be the reason why NASA wants to colonize the moon and Mars? Is Obama already at the ISS, because he knows the truth? Between an alien invasion and apocalyptic meteor strikes, the end may be closer than we know. Independent researchers have said that we may only have 10 days left before the deadly storm makes an impact. Aliens may be the only hope for survival, since they are said to be humans from the future.