Man Captured Alien Parasite Killing Animal on Camera

Man Captured Alien Parasite Killing Animal on Camera Clapway

Alien parasites may be living in the animals on Earth. Reports of a man finding the bugs in a praying mantis went viral. YouTube channel DjWorldFootball posted the video of the disturbing bugs, and it has gotten more than four million views. This is not the first time aliens were found in animals. Similar YouTube videos are circulating, and researchers have even found the DNA of aliens floating in the sky.

Alien bug crawls from a zombie praying mantis; this could be how aliens are controlling world leaders

The video showing a parasite crawling from the tail of a praying mantis will possibly make you sick. It is one of the creepiest and disturbing ways aliens have infected animals and humans. The video shows a man spraying and killing a large praying mantis with some kind of chemical, but, moments later, a snake-like creature crawls from the insect. It curls and stretches, definitely alive and looking for another host.

Alien parasites have been found in other animals on Earth; the government knows

YouTube channel MrCrisrami posted a video showing an alien parasite crawling its way out of an animal after dying. This is the most recent reported incident. It’s possible that similar parasites have infected humans.

Alien DNA raining down from space

Professor Milton Wainwright from Sheffield University uncovered alien DNA raining down from space. He made the discovery over the salt flats in Utah. This may be stage one of the 2017 alien invasion; several predictions say the apocalypse is coming. The researchers who found the space DNA also said that it contains the basic building blocks for life. This could be how it bonds to humans to take control. Is this what is driving the recent wars? The leaders of the world may be controlled by aliens, since the world has become so unstable. Do you have aliens inside you?