YouTube Making Fun of Olympic Games

YouTube Making Fun of Olympic Games Clapway

YouTube is making fun of Olympic games and the Olympians that compete in them. Is it good to make fun of the super athletes that represent their countries, and for little to no money? It is not like they are NBA stars grossing a million dollars per game. Most are young athletes who have yet to figure out how to manage the fame. YouTube channel VideosBeforeYouDie posted a video showing on athlete’s “stoner-like” interview with a news channel. And another posted the best Olympic games fails.

Olympic Games swimmer Brian Lochte had a strange interview, and YouTube fans loved it

YouTube channel VideosBeforeYouDie posted a strange and funny video of Olympic games athlete Brian Lochte giving an interview with Fox news anchors. Lochte was trying desperately to plug his new reality TV series. However, the Fox news anchors were doing nothing but making fun of the Olympic champion that has 11 medals to his name. At one moment, one news anchor actually made fun of the swimmer for showing how he brushed his teeth live on the air.

Is New Brian Lochte reality show good for the Olympic games? YouTube fans think so

The new reality show or documentary highlights Olympic games medalist Brian Lochte as he lives his everyday life. The interview he gave on a Fox news channel shows a lot of him at bars, and Lochte mentioned that there is more to him than being an athlete. The news anchors can’t keep from bursting into laughter on live TV as the athlete responds in weird ways and almost seems like he is stoned. Is this good for the Olympics? It is hard to say, since many of us don’t know what it’s like to be interviewed on live TV. One thing is for sure, YouTube fans loved it, because it got over three million views.

YouTube highlights the best Olympic games fails

YouTube channel FAIL BAN posted a video showing the best Olympic games fails, and they are pretty hilarious. One reporter for the games was talking to a lady carrying an Olympic torch and kept calling her by a man’s name. Another clip showed a sniffing horny polar bear mascot getting frisky with a woman newscaster. Fails are always funny, especially when it comes to the live broadcasts of sporting events like the Olympics.