5 Cataclysms that Could Destroy Earth in 2017

5 Cataclysms that Could Destroy Earth in 2017 NASA Shooting Alien Spaceships in Space

Are you ready for the end of the world? The various events that could destroy Earth are indeed frightening. And some believe these events will occur in 2017. Nuclear war, an alien invasion, and even the sun have been prophesied for the end of the world. There is no doubt that humans can, in fact, be the cause of the destruction of Earth, but what about other outside forces? Like an asteroid impact? The dangers are present, and we all may be doomed.

1. Will nuclear war be the end of the world if Trump is elected?

The presidential campaign is a ticking time bomb, and the Earth may be the victim. Hilary Clinton brought up some interesting points concerning Donald Trump and his access to nuclear weapons if he takes the big seat in the oval office. Clinton noted that Trump is not responsible enough to handle a nuclear war crisis because he can be baited by a Tweet. What would happen if Putin tweeted bad things about Trump? The end of the world?

2. Earth may be invaded by Aliens; will it be the End of the World for the Human Race?

Scientists found that after the development of agriculture, the DNA of humans changed. Was this the first stage in an alien invasion? Researchers have also found space particles raining down on Earth that contain the basic elements for life, and also could be alien DNA. An alien invasion has been predicted for late 2017. Many believe that aliens will invade Earth to actually stop the end of the world. This theory has been compared to the biblical apocalypse, and the aliens may be the saviors from the sky.

3. A Deadly Virus may Eliminate the Human race, but this may actually save Earth and Stop the End of the World

There has been a rise in antibiotic resistant diseases lately, and medical experts are worried. The discovery of antibiotics was a medical miracle that has saved countless life. However, modern medicine is helpless against many of the new viruses coming to the surface. The Zika virus is the latest, and it could be potentially fatal for human existence on Earth. What began in South America, and thought to be contained, has now spread. Mosquitos in Miami have tested positive for Zika, and people are becoming more concerned about the spread of the virus. However, the mass extinction of humans could stop the end of the world via human consumption and nuclear war.

4. An Asteroid Impact could End the World; will Humans go the Way of the Dinosaurs?

Interestingly, NASA has reported that the likelihood of a large asteroid impact on Earth is low. However, the space agency held a huge simulated event at the 2015 IAA Planetary Defense Conference where over 100 scientists brainstormed on how to stop an asteroid from impacting the planet. Kind of suspicious, could the end of the world be near? The government would most certainly not tell anyone in order to keep complete chaos from breaking out. There was an asteroid impact prediction for May of this year, but we are all still alive and well with no forecast of a nuclear winter via a dinosaur-killing meteor.

5. The sun Provides life on Earth, but the Sun may also be an End of the World catalyst

Researchers from England found that as the sun warms up, it will slowly push the Earth outside of the “habitable zone.” This is a very real threat and will most certainly cause the end of the world. As a star, like the sun ages, it will get hotter and hotter. This is simply unavoidable. However, researchers predict this won’t actually happen for 1.75 billion years. So you don’t actually need to be too worried about this unless humans speed up the process somehow.