Top 5 Online Games Sites to Improve Your Memory

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This isn’t the 1980’s anymore. Games don’t rot your brain. In fact, it’s the opposite. Online games can help improve your memory and boost mental performance. There are countless of games out there. To help you save some time, here’s a list of the top five.

1: ONLINE GAMES FOR THE BRAIN has a wealth of mentally stimulating games to challenge your brain. From Dragger, Mastermind, and Chinese Checkers, one can easily spend hours lost in the twisted confines of their mind. However, don’t get stuck in the various layers like Leo did in Inception. Clapway2: ONLINE GAMES ON CNN

CNN opinions aside, this is a post about games and games only. No politics included. Hence, we are keeping it simple here today which is why we’re focusing on CNN’s “Uber Brain” section. They have fun arcade games, puzzles, and quizzes but for those that really want to rack their brain, go with their strategy, word, and brain games.

CNN Uber Brain3: ONLINE GAMES AT MIND GAMES has more brain games that you can wave a neuron at. See what happens if you don’t train your brain? You end up making stupid jokes like that. Furthermore, with a simple interface, you’ll have no trouble finding a wealth of mind games to boost your intelligence, or you know, just kill some time. Check out the highly rated “Brain Trainer” to push your mental capacity.


For those that really want to take their brain games seriously, look no further than Neuro Nation. features scientifically proven methods to keep your brain fit and ready to take on major decisions. Improve your cognition with over 60 mind-numbing brain exercises. It’s like a little gym for your brain cells!


Since we’re going along with the gym analogy today, Brain Curls works out your mental muscle with little remorse. Get that workout by playing games, solving puzzles and of course, learning something new along the way. Like a regular workout, consistency is the key to success here so don’t miss a day of fun, challenges with these games.