How to Import OLM file into Windows Outlook With Complete Data

How to Import OLM file into Windows Outlook With Complete Data 2 Reasons Why The Ability to Play Microsoft Windows 3.1 Games is Amazing Clapway

OLM file conversion to another email client application supported format has been always a point of consideration when enterprises face issues like inaccessibility of Mac Outlook email data in other mail client or operating system. Here in this section, We will discuss How to import OLM file into Windows Outlook. Why only Windows Outlook, the reason behind that after Mac, Windows is most popular operating system among users in all over the world.

If we talk about the ancient time, things were not as easy as it is in present time. All thanks to third party utilities, one of the best utility in this domain is Outlook Mac to PST Converter. Before we discuss the solution, let’s discuss common reasons for conversion.

Some Common Common Scenarios:

The most common situations where users need to Import OLM file into Windows Outlook are:

  1. By default, all the data of Mac Outlook is archived in one file i.e. OLM which increases the size of OLM file. Due to this, the Mac Outlook file easily comes under the corruption issue. Once the file gets corrupted, it will cause many errors in the Mac Outlook and slow down the system or the chances of data loss will increase.

  2. If user switched from Mac OS to Windows, then they cannot access their OLM file directly into Outlook for Windows. because Mac Outlook does not allow the user to access their files without Mac environment.

  3. Another situation, suppose a user receives an email data file of Mac Outlook from a client. And urgently need to access that file in Windows. Hence, they can not able to open that file in Windows Outlook due to its Mac limitations.

Mac operating system is very much curious about its data security. Hence, OLM file keeps data intact and secure until it will get converted into other file formats.

Opt Outlook Mac to PST Converter:

This is the best reliable and expert suggested application which can quickly resolve the most common query of user How to import OLM file into Windows Outlook. With the help of this solution, the user can able to convert their Outlook for Mac file into Windows PST file along with all other data with emails. Then that resultant PST file can be easily imported into Windows Outlook without missing a single character. The tool has built with several quality attributes which make the exportation simple for users and it is designed in such way that it has to implement a technical algorithm to split oversized resultant PST file.

Procedure to Import OLM file into Windows Outlook:

  1. Add OLM file to the Software.

    How to import olm file into windows outlook

  2. Scan all data of Mac Outlook file.

  3. Preview email data with attachments

  4. Also preview contacts, calendars etc.

    preview olm data

  5. Select the required emails or whole data

  6. Click on Export button

    export olm file

Analyzing the Output:

  • The PST file will be created in UNICODE, which can be easily accessed in any email client which support PST. It supports all the language and character set, numeric etc.

  • The software will keep the original formatting of OLM file. Which means emails of Inbox folder will be in Inbox folder even after the conversion. As a result, It will include all the folders Sent items, Delete Items, Junk Mails etc.

  • The tool will not harm the metadata and contact details of sender or receiver. All the fields To, Cc, Subject, Bcc etc. will be saved.

  • Another Option to Split oversized PST file into multiple small sized PST file without any alteration in original data.


Hence, In the comparison of another application, this tool has some advance features and performance of Outlook Mac to PST converter is also good. This tool is capable enough to resolve the query how to import OLM file into Windows Outlook flawlessly along with other attributes of Contacts, Calendars, Tasks etc. In addition the trial version of this software also available on the website but it can only export 25 email items per folder.

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