Top 3 Books on How to Start Your Own Business

Top 3 Books on How to Start Your Own Business Walmart to Teach Amazon a Lesson Clapway

Starting your own business could be time-consuming and challenging. To avoid making silly mistakes, it’s always best to get an advice from professionals, those individuals who have been through all the underdog stages. Below is a list of Top 3 Books on How to Start Your Own Business.

1. The $100 Startup

This book is about a man who was able to turn his ideas into income. It’s less of a guide and more of an inspirational story. You can always make it big without starting capital.

2. Small Time Operator

This book focuses on how to obtain permits and licenses. From establishing a bookkeeping system to buying a franchise, this book teaches the basics.

3. How To Start Your Own Business

This book explains how to choose a business and find the right partners. From a business structure to taxes, this book outlines the logistics behind a business formation and operating procedures.