Top 3 Kickstarter Products for Pet Owners

Top 3 Kickstarter Products for Pet Owners

According to scientists, people love their pets in a similar manner they love their children. There is a special bond between us and our pet friends. Thus, we want them to feel happy. In this post, I have compiled a list of top 3 Kickstarter Products that will help you take a better care of your pet.

Carrier: Lambo Backpack Carrier

If you are planning to go on a quick hiking trip or flight travel, this bag is all you need to make you little friend happy.

Smart Tag for Your Smart Dog

The Smart Tag is essentially your pet’s Social Security number. If your dog (or cat) gets lost, anyone with a smartphone can scan the tag and find your address, phone number, or any other contact information you choose to link to the tag. It’s that simple.

Dog Poo Collector Kickstarter Product

This invention is rather practical than creative. The poo collector is a perfect way to ensure your dog is not leaving traces behind himself/herself.