SUPERNATURAL – What Goes Behind the Scene?


The hit series Supernatural has been one of the dominating TV shows over the past eleven seasons that it has aired since its premiere, back in 2005. The series has a large and loyal fanbase who are in love with the show and all it pertains ranging from the cast and crew to its spin-off projects that are based on the show and other trivia facts. And just like with other popular shows, there is a great interest in what goes on behind the scenes so as to get more knowledgeable about the process of filming and the on-set secrets. Here are some behind the scene of one of the best T.V. series secrets to shedding light on what goes during the making shows.

1. Special Effects

The series’ producers had initially hired firms like Entity FX to work on its development for the premier episode but this has since changed. This was due to the series’ success which led to the showrunners creating a complete department to work on the special effects. The special effects required for the show involves quite a bit of detail and this makes for a lengthy process for the show to be set for airing.

Areas, where the special effects are needed, are identified by the visual effects supervisor who then has to engage the writers as well as being present for the filming of all the scenes. This is to make sure that the filming is done exceptionally well before the effects are added on later. The special effects department is also responsible for coming up with physics and rules of creatures that appear in the series and this also has to fit into the storyline.

2. The Music

As opposed to other TV shows, Supernatural has two composers on its payroll that are dedicated to the series’ development. The composers take turns to score the episodes and this allows them an additional week to come up with the score for the specific episode assigned to them. The show’s creator, Eric Kripke, was keen on incorporating classic rock jams into many of the episodes in addition to the original music that the composers came up with. However, the two groups of music for the series always had a line between them. Moreover, the composers also had to give around 20 seconds of rock tunes since acquiring rights to some songs was just too costly.

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3. Wardrobe Department

Compared to other series, the wardrobe department of Supernatural doesn’t have such a difficult job since there is rarely any eccentric costume needed to dress up the characters. However, the department still puts in a lot of effort considering that in the fourth season Castiel, the character played by Misha Collins, ran through 80 trench coats. The show’s creator was of the opinion that the actress’ coat had to be burned after each scene despite not specifying the reason for that.

4. Take it Off

Eric Kripke opened up about the on-screen skin exposure for actor Jared Padalecki and actress Jensen Ackles a couple of years back. According to his explanation, they never intended that for either character but due to public demand the shirtless scenes ended up on the series. One example highlighted by Kripke is that he had to add a whole scene in the season one episode titled Hell House. He did this just to keep the show’s fans happy by having Padalecki shirtless.

5. The Car

Prior to getting to production, Eric Kripke was certain that a car was to be a significant part of the series’ storyline. The ’67 Impala is a prominent prop in the show currently even though the initial intention was to have a ’65 Ford Mustang. This was before the series’ creator was convinced by a neighbor that the Impala would be better for the strange reason that it can fit a body in the trunk. The other reason given was that it would give off an intimidating feel making those stopping next to it at traffic lights to lock their door.

Kripke ended up very happy with the choice noting that it adds authenticity for automobile fans since it’s not just any other pretty ride. On the other hand, the set of wheels comes off as an aggressive car that people respond to and fits very well into the TV shows’ tune.


Supernatural incorporates witty writing and intriguing plots that make it one of the best on the CW network. This great success can therefore also be credited to the behind-the-scenes aspects that have ensured the show runs till the upcoming twelfth season.

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