Kickstarter Smart UV Camera for iPhone: 5 Things you Didn’t Know

Kickstarter Smart UV Camera for iPhone: 5 Things you Didn’t Know

In the world full of innovations and technology, it’s hard to imagine something new. From iPhone VR cameras to 3D printers, it seemed like Kickstarter has it all. At least this is what I thought up until now.

In this post, we’ve covered an absolutely unique product featured on Kickstarter – UV Camera for iPhone. Below is everything you need to know about the device.

What is UV Camera and Why do I need it?

UV stands for “Ultraviolet;” it’s a type of radiation that is created by the sun rays. This radiation causes skin damage and sunburns. To fully protect yourself from the Sun, you may want to use a UV camera. This device will help you take a better care of your skin by showing the most sensitive and unprotected parts of your skin. 

How Exactly Does the UV Camera Work?

Our eyes have significant limitations when it comes to the light spectrum. Thus, we can’t spot invisible ultraviolet rays. The UV camera, on the other hand, can. It shows what the human eye isn’t capable of noticing. With the help of this piece of technology, you will be able to quickly spot unprotected parts of your skin and stay aware of your skin aging process.

How Can I Order this Product?

Nurugo SmartUV needs your help. You can back this project on Kickstarter. The prices vary from $95 to $125 depending on your package.

Whether you are a man or a woman, a boy or a girl, it’s important that you stay healthy. With Nurugo camera you will not only stay informed and protected but you will also have fun taking UV selfies and posting them on Instagram. Health can be entertaining. And Nurugo proves just that. Get new experience with the new tech.