Top 5 Best Independent Youtube Channels

Top 5 Best Independent Youtube Channels

Being independent in the world of entertainment is hard. Especially if you don’t have connections amongst the top layer of influential media people. Luckily for many of us, Youtube is here to help. The famous video sharing platform is a great tool that offers opportunities to many talented musicians, filmmakers, and vloggers. Keeping this in mind, let me introduce you to the top 5 Best Youtube Channels (in my opinion) that deserve your attention.

Top 5 Best Independent Youtube ChannelsBest Youtube Channel 1: Indie Current

If you are looking for some cool vibes with retro features, this channel is for you. Here, you will find truly unique tunes written by the finest indie musicians. Tired of Justin Bieber and Rihanna? It’s time to explore something new then.

Best Youtube Channel 2: Peter Hollens

This guy makes covers on famous songs by using his mouth only. The high-quality covers often outperform the original songs. DIY approach seems to be popular these days.

Best Youtube Channel 3: McJuggerNuggets

If you are a fan of crazy family videos, you should visit this channel. Full of dramas, disappointments, and simply hilarious moments, this channel takes the third place on our list.

Best Youtube Channel 4: RollStroll

This channel is the youngest, but it’s one of the best not without a reason. If you enjoyed watching Gangnam Style by Psy, you may want to subscribe to RollStroll. It’s hilarious, silly, and truly UNIQUE. We believe that this channel has more potential than the rest of the channels listed in this post.

Best Youtube Channel 5: Daym Drops

Full of “Black Humor” and “Food” (literally), this channel has over 700K subscribers and is growing rapidly. From McDonald’s to Wendy’s to Papa John’s, this channel is full of funny reviews on famous American Comfort foods. You wouldn’t believe, but some of these silly footages generated over 8M views.

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