What to do When Your Boss Has a Crush on You

What to do When Your Boss Has a Crush on You

Directly or indirectly, it happens quite often. You receive random texts from your boss, he tries to flirt with you in the office, or even invite you to hang out with him outside of work. For some, this type of admiration may seem beneficial, for others, it gives a lot of discomforts. Here is what you should know to avoid potential difficulties within the work environment. Here is what you should do when your boss has a crush on you.

What to do When Your Boss Has a Crush on YouWhat To Do When Your Boss Has a Crush on You: Stop It Right There

Even if you believe that the strong feeling in your boss may be beneficial for you, it has its downsides. First, your colleagues may notice that you receive more favoritism and, as a result, they may turn against you. Second, if the feelings of your boss get unreturned, they will backfire to you in negative ways.

Let your boss down gently. Quickly, but gently, explain him that you want to keep the relationship professional. Just make sure you don’t overreact when it comes to a tete-a-tete talk. Find neutral settings to meet with your boss, and have a nice conversation with him. Keep it positive, ask if there is anything you can do to keep the relationships professional. Highlight the fact that you respect your boss. And do NOT accuse him of anything during the conversation!

Note: Be subtle, in case you are not 100% sure about your boss’s feelings.

You could use the following phrases to make it clear.

  1. “I would like to keep the relationship professional. But I hope we could still be friendly.”
  2. “You are a great boss. I respect you a lot and I wouldn’t want to jeopardize the good work we do.

What To Do When Your Boss Has a Crush on You: Go For It, But Understand the Consequences

You may choose to participate in the romance. But make sure you understand the potential consequences. According to the Vault survey, many people who dated their supervisors ended up leaving the company for the sake of the relationship. Some of the people felt happy, and some of those individuals did not. So, think about advantages and disadvantages, and do what your heart tells you.

Note: According to a CareerBuilder study, only one-third of such romances end in marriage. So, think twice before you make a decision.

What to do When Your Boss Has a Crush on YouWhat To Do When Your Boss Has a Crush on You: If Yes, Move Slowly

If you make a decision to give it a try, move slowly. You know what’s at stake. You might risk losing your job and your partner at the same time if you don’t get along. On the other hand, who knows what pleasures are waiting for you if your boss is that one prince you were looking for your entire life. Be honest with yourself and figure out if it’s the risk worth taking.

Risks: Potential legal issues, jeopardized reputation, loss of a good reference.

What To Do When Your Boss Has a Crush on You: Quit Your Job

If you are tired of politics at work and your boss’s flirts are the last straw that breaks the camel’s back, you may want to consider quitting your job and starting your own company. Many successful businessmen started their companies right after quitting their workplaces. According to Fortunate.com, half of the employees quit their jobs because of bad bosses.

Bloggers like RollStroll, Gothamist, and Gina Trapani started their successful businesses after quitting their jobs.

No matter what decision you are about to make, it’s your choice. Just ensure the proper execution steps are taken as quickly as possible. And go for it!