Leveraging Other People’s Money While Building Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Leveraging Other People’s Money While Building Your Affiliate Marketing Business Facebook to Kill Venmo, is Apple Pay Next? Clapway

We all want to make more money online. There is hardly anything better than waking up in the morning and seeing your affiliate sales numbers through the roof. Ok, so sometimes ranking a website organically in Google can take some time. Some people, me included when I first started out, need money quickly. How can you get paid for your knowledge and continue to work on your affiliate sites set at the same time? Get clients. If you have the skills to rank a website, then you can reach out to companies who are bidding on Google Adwords. Email them or call them and say, “Hey I can rank you organically in Google, and it will most likely save you money over your current Adwords spend.”

If you don’t have the skills yet, then consider partnering with someone who does. Typically most splits are about 50-50. So now that you know you can go out and see who is willing to spend money online to make money, all you need to do is take action.

Want To Show Up For SEO Searches To Get Clients?

Don’t focus solely on, “SEO + City” searches. You have most likely heard it said before that, “The Riches are in the Niches.” I mean that is what Alex’s whole system is about right. Niche marketing is done right. So, instead of focusing on Ranking for City SEO searches only, how about becoming the authority in a certain niche. Take chiropractors for example. Chiropractors that I run into all use a few handful of SEO companies. Most of them do “ok” services. But their websites are very much cookie cutter, and they do very little for content marketing. Or engaging social media management including Facebook ads.

Become The Niche Expert

Focus on becoming the industry SEO or SMM (social media marketing) expert. I was advised once by someone who is influential in the SEO industry, to focus on city specific searches. But in my experience, just doing that misses that boat. Think about how someone who does not understand SEO or digital marketing would search for a service provider.

They would typically type into Google something like, “Online Marketing For Chiropractors” “Facebook Help For Chiropractors” “How Do I Rank My Chiropractic Website In Google.” Yes, people who do not do “SEO” or digital marketing for a living think differently about searches than we do. You need to position your brain to think like someone who has no idea what they need and optimizes your website to capture those queries.

Another play is to build a list of chiropractors, for example. There are tons of scrapers out there that will harvest the email and contact info for you. Then just hook it up to a mass emailer campaign, and away you go. You can start emailing people in your new chosen niche market. Instead of having to learn about each new client’s industry, you focus on becoming the master of your new chosen niche. Dominating a single niche is much easier than trying to rank for a bunch of other cities, where other powerful SEO websites are already ranking.

Field Or Market Awareness

In sports, they call this field awareness. You have to see where the ball is going and run to that. Not run to where it is currently. Usually, there are a lower number of searches occurring for niche related marketing terms.  Typically the level of competition is also lower in this niche related service searches. So yes, there might only be 200 searches monthly for chiropractic-related online marketing service queries, but if you land three new clients per month out of those searches, it is worth it.

Don’t get caught up in the vanity for ranking for large city SEO terms. Is it great? Yeah, it is. But will you land more clients, and land them easier and faster if you take over a niche? You bet ya. Referrals also come in from niche related specialties. Chiropractors and other specialty niches all talk together at seminars, and sometimes through the college associations. Land these referrals by crushing it for your clients and by being THE Authority in that chosen space.

It doesn’t hurt to have multiple streams of income. If your affiliate site takes a dive, then at least you have your client income to support you while you fix the issue. Of course, if you follow Alex’s teachings, then you will surely have multiple niche affiliate sites ranking in a variety of niches. So go out there, test the waters and take some form of action. Don’t be a consumer of blog posts. Happy hunting.