Top 6 Most Impressive Car Innovations of 2016

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Today cars are not just means of transportation. They are stylish masterpieces. As they also have to be both convenient and safe for people and the environment, the developers find a lot of ways to surprise us.

In the era of modern technologies innovations appear unbelievably fast. They become noticeable not in a decade, but in a year. Everything changes from home appliances to smartphones. The automobile industry is not an exception.

Here is a short overview of the most impressive car innovations of 2016 that may amaze you.

Cameras Instead of Mirrors

One of the futuristic car features is presented in a new Lexus UX concept SUV. Its side view mirrors are replaced by cameras. They increase the safety of the car which might also help to save money on car insurance.

This is not the first example of a mirrorless car. However, it is considered to be a breakthrough as Japanese car manufacturers are now allowed to use this new technology. Therefore, this feature is likely to spread and become common.

Driverless Cars

The most shocking change in an automobile industry is car’s ability to navigate without a driver. As a result, more attention is paid to an interior and it is about to change completely. The Rolls-Royce Vision 100 is a truly innovative example of a self-driving car design.

There are no classic two front seats inside. Instead, it has a wonderful TV screen and a cozy silk sofa. The other ideas, such as the front seats facing the rear, are now even closer to being enjoyable.


Ridesharing is likely to become very common in the future. In other words, we will not own the car, but summon it when we actually need it. It seems to be less personal as the car drives other people as well. Some people might consider this concept to be quite disappointing.

That is why the Mini Vision can identify the passenger and has a personalized display to greet you. These small innovative details give a feeling of belonging, even though the car is not yours.

Spaceship Cars

A spaceship car designed by United Nude will not drive you to another planet. However, the design makes it look like it is possible. The car does not have any doors. Thus, the driver has to lift the whole body to get inside. The interior design is also very eccentric. A steering wheel is made in a shape of a hexagon.

Unfortunately, its driving range is only 31 miles. However, you can be sure that it would be truly enjoyable and exciting driving experience. The car is quite specific, not for every driver’s taste, but it is surely futuristic and innovative.

Hydrogen-powered Cars

The concept of hydrogen cars is not new. However, an Italian house Pininfarina designed the H2 car and it is a real innovation. The acceleration time and a speed of the vehicle are unbelievable. It may go from zero to sixty miles per hour in about four seconds. Additionally, it can reach a shocking speed of 186 mph.

It takes only three minutes to refuel it. However, the absence of stations might prevent these cars from becoming popular. Still, the stylish design and powerful characteristics can make anyone admire this model.

Tesla’s Battery Upgrade

The electric cars are likely to become the cars of the future. Sadly, there is still an unsolved issue with the range limit. A one-time charge allows driving only about a hundred miles. It makes drivers think constantly about the nearest charging station.

Tesla’s battery upgrade to 315 miles is such an important improvement for an electric car development. It is the first time when an electric car exceeds 300 miles range. This is only one step forward, but it is a quite significant improvement nonetheless.