16 Tips to Get First 1000 Subscribers on Youtube for Free

How to get the first 1000 subscribers on Youtube when the Internet is full of competitive creators and companies willing to invest thousands of dollars in advertising services? While it may seem impossible to break through the noise of millions of Youtube videos uploaded on a daily basis, you still have a chance to be discovered if your approach is strategic. All it takes is dedication, and this is something you should be willing to contribute. In this article, we’ve compiled the list of 16 practical steps one can take to generate buzz on Youtube. Here is how you can get your first 1000 Subscribers on Youtube.

1. Create Clickbait Titles to Get Attention on Youtube

A lot of professional Youtube creators know this secret. But for whatever reasons, nobody mentions it. The only advice mature YouTubers tend to give is “create quality content.” While quality matters a lot, it’s not what makes a video go viral. Focus on trending topics and create click bait.

All famous Youtubers create click bait. From pewdiepie to Casey Neistat, everybody does that.

Clickbait Titles on Youtube
Clickbait Titles on Youtube

2. Create Clickbait Thumbnails to Get Subscribers on Youtube

This is a follow up to the previous tip. Thumbnails are crucially important. These days a lot of people don’t even read titles. They click on whatever looks appealing, whatever looks catchy. Go on Youtube and filter the videos by popularity. The most trending content has catchy thumbnails.

Youtuber Ivan Kv is a great example of how clickbait thumbnails work. His Youtube channel got 1000 subscribers when he had fewer than 10 videos uploaded.

Clickbait Thumbnails on Youtube
Clickbait Thumbnails on Youtube

3. Create Your Website

All famous Youtubers have websites. Websites drive traffic from search engines. It’s a great way to bring potential subscribers from outside Youtube to your channel. To create a website, all you need is to watch a couple of video tutorials and spend 2-3 hours of your time on WordPress. Find some cheap hosting plan on platforms like WPengine, and you are good to go.

Consistently publish blog posts in your niche on your website to drive traffic from search engines. If you are a musician, write some informative articles about music on your website. If you are a gamer, write gaming tips on your blog or create top lists (i.e. top 10 offline games).

Create Your Website

4. Share You Content with all Your Social Media Friends

Convert your current Social Media friends into your Youtube subscribers. Go on Facebook and share your new video there, encourage your Instagram pals to visit your channel and “like” your most recent uploads.

Get registered on all of the most famous social media sites and get friends there. Get familiar with LinkedIn, Snapchat, and StumbleUpon.

5. Guest Post

Find blogs relevant to your niche, reach out to the website owners and ask if they accept guest posts. If the websites’ moderators DO accept guest posts, craft something unique and truly interesting, include the link to your Youtube channel in your post, and submit the article.

If your Youtube channel is about travel, you could write some travel tips (e. g. top 10 tips for backpack travelers); For a music channel, you would want to write something like “top 5 hip-hop/pop/rock covers of all time.” Make sure your content is “evergreen,” meaning that it’s going to be interesting in 1 or 2 years.

6. Focus on Quantity / Upload Consistently

Youtube likes consistency. Your channel will likely be more searchable if you upload videos consistently. They will more likely appear on the sidebar and under “Suggested Videos” if you are an active user. In addition, people themselves like active channels. The competition is high, if you do not upload videos on a daily/weekly basis, someone else will do it for you.

7. Equipment

It might be hard to get good equipment if you just started. Everything requires investment. However, you don’t need the most expensive stuff that your favorite filmmakers have. You can begin in baby steps and get the most basic equipment first. You can film great videos on an iPhone connected to a decent microphone for $100.

8. Copy Ideas (there is no original content)

Even though it sounds crude, it is a bitter reality. There is no original content on the Internet. Even the most famous bloggers copy ideas. They just give the trending topics their own twist. So should you. Put your spin on a popular idea, and make it your own unique one.

9. Don’t Battle Prime Time (1pm – 5pm)

Primetime is a period of time when the most popular Youtube channels upload their videos. That’s when the bulk of videos goes up. Don’t battle it as a small channel, you will get vanished away. Check your analytics, see when people are watching, and go off peak. You will get swallowed up if you try to compete with monsters during the prime time.

10. Interact

Engage with your visitors in any possible way. Reply to comments, send messages on Social Media websites, ask questions. Always remember that your visitors are the people who dedicated their precious time to watch your videos. They chose you out of millions of others. When someone chooses you out of millions, you should be grateful.

11. Don’t Post What You Want to Post

It might sound cynical, but you should get rid of “I will post what I want” mentality. If you want to grow, you must post what your viewers want. Check out the most recent trends on Youtube, visit Google News and Google Trends to be aware of what is trending. As I mentioned in Tip 9, give the trending idea your own unique twist.

Don't Post What You Want to Post on Youtube

12. Customize Your Youtube Channel

Make yourself look professional and recognizable. Create some kind of unique image for yourself. In other words, you should find ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd and make your channel become a brand.

13. Create Outstanding Channel Trailer

One of the most amazing features on Youtube is Channel Trailers. This feature allows Youtube creators play their trailers automatically for the new visitors who open up their Youtube channels. Catch your visitors’ attention by making a short and shiny trailer between 30 and 60 seconds.

14. Use Call to Action Button

Call to Action Buttons are annoying for viewers but beneficial for Youtubers (if you use them the right way). With the help of a Call to Action Button, you can create polls and engage your visitors. If you are not creative enough to make a poll, simply place a link to your Youtube channel (an extra reminder for people to subscribe).

15. Create Youtube Videos Under 5 Minutes Long

The majority of viral videos are under 5 minutes. Sure, you can find multiple videos on Youtube that are 40 minutes long and are still popular. However, it’s hardly something you should be doing if your channel is new. People don’t like spending too much time on watching a video. Thus, follow the standard <5 min rule to make it big on Youtube.

16. Create Outstanding YouTube Intro and Outro

Create Intro and Outro for your YouTube channel. If you don’t know how to do it, Google it. You can find millions of online classes on Youtube on how to use Final Cut Pro and After Effects. Just use a little bit of creativity and make something truly outstanding that will represent your brand. Make your video look professional.